Pokemon Omega Paradox ROM

Pokemon Omega Paradox ROM is created by a fan of Pokemon White by using its codebase. The story is based on Pokemon Volt White so get ready to fight with the masked man who is killing innocent people in the region.

Version2.0 Complete
Hack ofPokemon White
Size61.60 MB
Gaming ConsoleNintendo DS
GenreRole-Playing Game (RPG)
RegionWorldwide, USA

Game Story

This game is very difficult compared to other Pokemon games and you have to fight with an alliance of many evil organizations i.e. Rocket, Plasma, and Aqua.

There is another threat which is known as the masked man who is attacking innocent people of the Unova region and has killed and injured many people.

Many elite clans have informed that these teams have an alliance with the masked man too and they want to spread terror to achieve their dream of occupying the Pokemon world.

As a young and passionate Pokemon trainer after listening about the Masked Man and the evil alliance from your friends Cynthia and Drake who have also been attacked by the masked man but escaped luckily.

You will go to Professor Drayden and get a chance to stop this ill-minded masked man as you have the skill to Omega-Evolve Pokemon.

Here is Pokemon Fusion 2 SoulSilver ROM with almost similar game story and characters.


Pokemon Omega Paradox ROM Features

  • Different started Pokemon i.e. Roster, Geodude, Zorua, Eevee.
  • You have to capture Pokemon from the 6th to 7th Gen.
  • Old Gym leaders are dead in the game and replaced by some new faces.
  • New Elite Four and Champion, New trainer classes, new rivals, new Pokemon sprites, new music.
  • Your selection of starter Pokemon decides your difficulty level, Geodude for easy gameplay, Zorua for Medium, and Eevee for Hard Mode.
  • New move sets and stats for several Pokemon.
  • Some Pokemon can Omega-Evolve like mega evolution but it can not be reverted back and used only to convert base Pokemon.
  • Mega evolution is also available but only two Pokemon Camerupt and Slowbro can evolve through this process.
  • The music used in-game is of Pokemon Hoenn White created by King Drapion and composed by PkmnSoundFontRemix.

Pokemon Omega Paradox Cheats

Some players want to play game with the help of cheat codes so here you go:

  • Encounter Shiny Pokemon: 521A96F0 1C221C39
  • Unlimited PP: 921D5638 0000D301
  • Nature Modifier: 521D53B0 F6304841
  • Berries: 94000130 FFFB0000
  • Invulnerability: 521C607C D10E2800
  • No Wild Pokemon Encounters: 521A9444 D1032800
  • Catch Enemy Trainer’s Pokemon: 02002300 68006868
  • 100% Catch Rate: 521CBCF4 7820D203
  • Master Balls: 94000130 FCFF0000
  • Healing Items (Rare Candies): 94000130 FFFB0000
  • Walk Through Walls: 94000130 FFFB0000
  • Unlock Badges: 1223CDD0 0000FFFF
  • TM: 02234760 0001026A
  • No EXP: 521CB54C 59A8437E
  • Rematch Trainers: 5215B3BC 1C301C04
  • Share EXP: 121CB460 000046C0
  • Unlimited Money: 0223CDCC 0098967F
  • No Trainer Battles: 521AE278 FB1AF000
  • Unlock Pokedex: 94000130 FFFB0000
  • Increased Move Speed: 52197FE4 1C05210C
  • Max Play Time: 02256FF4 003B03E7
  • Top View: 5228AED0 61635F64
  • Reset Play Time: 02256FF4 00000000
  • 3D View: 5228AED0 61635F64