Pokemon Moon Galaxy ROM Image

Pokemon Moon Galaxy ROM is a testament to this ever-evolving saga, standing out as a fresh take on the Pokemon universe. Below is an in-depth look at this innovative game. The Pokemon world is vast, but who would have thought it would stretch to the stars?

Pokemon Moon Galaxy ROM takes trainers beyond the traditional confines of land and sea and throws them into a celestial realm. This isn’t just another Pokemon game; it’s an interstellar journey. This version is the hack of the FireRed game and was last updated in 2020. You can also download Pokemon Sun Sky ROM which is another famous GBA ROM hack.

Unique Features of Pokemon Moon Galaxy ROM:

Celestial Pokemon: 

The game introduces a new category of Pokemon – Celestial Pokemon. These are cosmic beings that draw powers from the stars, galaxies, and other celestial bodies.

Starry Battles: 

The traditional battle system gets a cosmic twist. Pokemon can now harness the power of constellations during fights, introducing a fresh layer of strategy.

Space Exploration: 

Trainers can explore different moons, asteroids, and even dwarf planets. Each celestial body has its unique Pokemon and mysteries waiting to be discovered.

Crafting System: 

Collect cosmic materials during your journey to craft new items, potions, and even stardust moves.


Fly Through the Galaxy: 

Gone are the days of just walking or cycling through towns. Now, trainers fly spaceships, dodge asteroids, and engage in thrilling space races.

Celestial Gyms: 

The gym challenge is back but with a stellar twist. Each gym leader is a guardian of a particular celestial body, and to claim their badge, trainers need to navigate through space challenges.

Cosmic Evolution: 

Some Pokemon evolve only in specific cosmic conditions. Finding the right celestial body or star alignment is crucial for their transformation.

Team Nebula: 

The new antagonist, Team Nebula, aims to harness the energy of Celestial Pokemon to control the universe. Defeating them will require strategy, courage, and mastering the new battle mechanics.


The story begins in a small town on Earth, where the protagonist’s life takes a dramatic turn after encountering a mysterious Celestial Pokemon. This event marks the start of an epic journey to explore the cosmos, understand the real essence of these celestial beings, and thwart Team Nebula’s sinister plans.

Throughout the game, players will unravel the age-old connection between Pokemon and the stars. They’ll discover ancient prophecies, connect with extraterrestrial Pokemon civilizations, and play a pivotal role in maintaining the cosmic balance.

Amidst this vast expanse of space, trainers will also experience more personal growth, learning about friendship, responsibility, and the deep bond between Pokemon and their trainers. Here we also have Pokemon Dreams ROM if you are interested in playing a dream-like game must download it.


Pokemon Moon Galaxy ROM isn’t just a game; it’s a space odyssey that captivates players with its depth, innovation, and celestial wonders. Whether you’re a seasoned trainer or new to the Pokemon world, strap in for a journey that takes you beyond the skies and into the galaxy’s heart. With Celestial Pokemon by your side and stars guiding your path, the universe’s secrets are just waiting to be discovered.