Download the Pre-Patched Pokemon Moon Emerald ROM to play this Pokemon game on the Nintendo Game Boy Advance Emulator for free.

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Hack ofPokemon Emerald
Handheld Gaming ConsoleGame Boy Advance (GBA)
PublisherNintendo, The Pokemon Company
RegionWorldwide, USA
Size11.34 MB


This is a fan-made remake or hack of the original Pokemon Emerald game and has the same storyline as the Pokemon Emerald version. Emerald is the third part of Pok√©mon Ruby and Sapphire and in this hack your main goal is similar you have to fight with 8 gyms to fight with Elite 4 and become the Pokemon Champion.

starter pokemon

You are a young trainer who wants to become the new champion of your Pokemon region and looking for different challenges to boost your EXP. You can choose gender boy or girl according to your choice and your main goal is to fill your Pokedex with different legendary and higher-level Pokemon to get through the powerful enemies in the game. The journey of exploring the world in this Pokemon hack is difficult as you have to climb and visit through the difficult routes to catch some legendary Pokemon.

How to Play Pokemon Moon Emerald ROM

  • First, you have to download and install it on your device.
  • You can only install a Pokemon ROM through Emulator so download the respective emulator for your device.
  • Install the emulator and after that download the zip file of the ROM from the above download button.
  • Find the downloaded file from the download folder and load or drag it into the Emulator.
  • Allow permissions required to run the installation of the ROM file.
  • Enjoy the fascinating gameplay.


  • Starter Pokemon: you can choose from Litten, Rowlet, Popplio as your starter Pokemon to begin your journey as a Pokemon trainer.
  • Lots of Pokemon from 1 to 7th generations: You have to catch and train hundred of regional Pokemons including 60 Pokemon from the 7th generation and Alola Forms of the Pokemon series.
  • Powerful Legendary Pokemon: Lunala, Solgaleo, and Magearna are the most powerful Pokemon in the game.
  • New Mega Evolution Methods: Evolution is easy and fast due to the addition of new Mega Stones.
  • Day and Night Cycle System.
  • New tiles and splits are added to the game.
  • New Fairy-type Pokemon to catch and evolve.
  • 2 vs 1 Fights: At some stages, you have to fight with 2 Pokemon on the same ground.