Download Pokemon Moon Black 2 ROM (NDS Hack) and start your journey across Unova to stop Team Skull from fulfilling their evil plans.

Developer & PublisherJrFort & Aster
CodebasePokemon Black 2
Gaming ConsoleNintendo DS
RegionWorldwide, USA
VersionBeta 4.2.2
Size143 MB

Pokemon Moon Black 2 ROM


The storyline begins with the Regional Tournament at the PWT which is inaugurated to represent the Alola region. Everybody is here including Prof. Kukui, Sun/Moon, and your main rival Gladion to beat the Unova champion and become the number one.

You are also here not solely for this championship but for the rumors about the presence of Team Skull in the region. So, you are on a mission to find the cause of Team Skull and vanish it if it is harmful to the individuals of the Pokemon world.


It’s time to show the Gyms and other trainers the skills you have learned in Alola. You have new starters, and new challenges in some areas i.e. Hurrah Island, and new rivals to beat in the league. So, endure your moves wisely because someone is looking for your mistakes. You may also like Moemon Platinum NDS ROM to enjoy on your devices.


  1. New Region: Many ROM hacks introduce a completely new region to explore, separate from the official regions like Unova, Kalos, Alola, and Galar.
  2. Modified Pokemon: This can include changes in Pokemon stats, typing, moves, or even introducing entirely new fan-made Pokemon.
  3. Enhanced Graphics: Some hacks upgrade the visuals of the game, offering improved sprites, tiles, and other graphic elements.
  4. Difficulty Levels: Many ROM hacks are designed to be more challenging than the original games, providing tougher gym battles, elite four encounters, and wild Pokemon encounters.
  5. Story Changes: New stories, events, and side quests that deviate from the original game.
  6. Additional Features: This can range from new gameplay mechanics, a day-night cycle, seasons, and even mega evolutions or dynamism, depending on when the hack was made and what game it’s based on.
  7. Extended Pokedex: Some hacks allow for a regional Pokedex that includes Pokemon from multiple generations or even fan-made Pokemon.
  8. Quality of Life Improvements: These can include things like faster text, the ability to run indoors, reusable TMs, and so on.
  9. New Characters and Rivals: Introducing fresh faces or adding depth to existing characters.
  10. Post-Game Content: Extended content for players to engage in after the main story concludes, which might include battle facilities, tougher challenges, or new areas to explore.

Installation Guide

To install this ROM on your Android, iOS, or PC operating system you need an NDS emulator because of the NDS cartilage used in making this ROM hack.

So, at first, you have to install an emulator on your device after that download the ROM from here and open it through the Emulator or drag the file into the emulator. It will automatically install the the Pokemon game on your device in a few minutes or seconds depending on your device’s specifications. You may also like to download Pokemon Perfect Platinum ROM.


Pokemon Moon Black 2 Cheats

  • Poke Balls: 03E7000A 03E70005
  • Unlimited PP: 921BAE18 0000D301
  • Medicine Cheat codes: E0019590 00000020
  • Berries: D5000000 03E70095
  • Encounter Shiny Pokemon: 2000900A F027900B
  • Share your EXP: 521AEF84 42819903
  • Increase your EXP to 100X: 021BD6F8 43442464
  • No Body Can Touch You: 00004770 02257504
  • Walk Through Walls: 1219C8D4 00001C04
  • Unlock All Badges: 222266E8 000000FF
  • Free Items from Poke Mart: 5200C9EC 1A51E000
  • Unlimited Money: 022266E4 0098967F
  • No Wild Pokemon Encounters: 121A17E4 000046C0
  • 100% Catch Rate: 521AF850 7820D203