Pokemon Mind Crystal ROM Image

Basic Information:

NamePokemon Mind Crystal
Size232 MB

Pokemon Mind Crystal ROM is available to play on the NDS console and with the help of emulators, you can easily enjoy it on any other operating system.

The original version of this game, Pokemon SoulSilver game, was first released in French language and due to huge popularity and tens of thousands of requests darkalfa1111 has created this hack version in English. So, now everyone who understands the English language can play this game quite easily. 

About Pokemon Mind Crystal ROM:

This version was first released in 2012, and it was later updated in 2016. We are providing you the latest 2016 updated version, so you are able to experience a lot of adventure in it. Just like many other Pokemon games, in this version, you will also struggle to be the best Pokemon trainer. 

Your journey will start in the Johto region, and after completing some missions there, you will be able to explore new worlds as well. In this updated version a lot of new worlds have been added, so your excitement will never end. Moreover, along with new locations, many other things are also added in this version, such as new evil groups and missions.

Just after starting the game, you will see some information about the game on the screen, I suggest you read it carefully. From here you can easily get information about the controls, adventures, and others. Also, you are able to skip this option, in case you already know everything about it, just click on the “No Info Needed” tab and start playing the game. 

Game Screenshots

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Addition Of New Items:

In addition to the items that are available in the SoulSilver Version, there are many others that are also added in this updated version. And if you want to know about all these new items, just go to the menu and select the item you want to know. All the information regarding that will appear at the bottom. 

Revamp Pokemon Characters:

In this updated version there are more than 300 different Pokemon characters available. And the best thing is that all these characters are modified, therefore, you will experience more advanced move sets and additional features as compared to the original version.

Battle Tower:

Battle Tower is present in the Galar Region and because of this you are able to enjoy a lot of fights and will win the rewards. This tower was first released in Generation 2 games and since then everyone has liked to experience joy. And to your surprise in this version, you will experience one as well. 


Additional Features:

Some of the cool additional features of this game are:

  1. The Changing of Days and Nights System provides you with a realistic experience of Pokemon World.
  2. Many Pokemon creatures and trainers. So, you can easily guide and update your selected Pokemon.
  3. Mega Evolution Addition
  4. Complete Pokedex, where every information is available. 

Final Words:

I am pretty sure after reading all the features of this game you are eagerly wanting to play this game, so why wait? Just download this game from this website and start enjoying it.

Infomation Source: https://pokemonfanfiction2.fandom.com/wiki/Pokemon_Mind_Crystal_Version