Pokemon Mega Power ROM Image
Game NamePokemon Mega Power ROM
Size8 MB
Version5.62 Beta
Hack of Emerald Version

Download the Pokemon Mega Power Version, which is a ROM hack of the Pokemon Emerald version. This version was developed by wind1158 and contained interesting features, such as generation 4 to 7 Pokemon, new tiles and spirits, Mega Evolution, and others.

Moreover, the developers have also added new regions named Ivara, Lande, and Sevii Islands in this updated version as well, so you enjoy exploring the Pokemon world. 

About Pokemon Mega Power ROM:

The addition of a new storyline, engaging music, and new Pokemon make the gameplay pretty interesting here. Another interesting feature of this version is the availability of Light Type Pokemon that are powerful against the dark and ghost types. Therefore, in the battle against the dark forces, you can use the light-type Pokemon and be the winner. 

The gameplay is also pretty interesting, at the start you have to select between two different characters, Neil and Tyra, both are pretty genius scientists and later become professors. The evil organization available in this version is Team Delta, they keep sending different agents to get the research work by offering money or trying to steal it, so it’s your duty to save the work of the professor.


The main dream of the professor in this game is to build the strongest Pokemon creature and for this, they keep doing multiple experiments. Remember that you are the one who makes every decision here. So, to save the work of the professor from evil organizations, keep your eyes open all the time. You will also unfold a lot of mysteries in this game as well, such as finding the real truth about Kasper. 

Final Words:

Download the Pokemon Mega Power version from this site and you will enjoy unique gameplay without any bugs. We offer you the complete updated version, which has all the features that I have mentioned above. Also, try Pokemon Silver Version.