pokemon mega platinum

Enjoy the most popular Pokemon game Pokemon Platinum hack which is named Pokemon Mega Platinum ROM. This game is developed for the Nintendo DS handheld gaming console.

For playing this game on your preferred operating system you need an emulator. There are different emulators for different devices for playing this game on Android the best one is DeSmuME and after that, I will recommend the NDS Boy emulator.

Handheld Gaming ConsoleNintendo DS
PublisherNintendo, The Pokemon Company
RegionWW (US, EUR)
Size48 MB


This Pokemon game is also similar to other NDS Pokemon games like Pokemon White Version and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. The main difference across its game generation is Mega Evolution which is a process by which a weak Pokemon can evolve himself into a powerful Pokemon to finish the fight as victorious against your enemies.

Other things are similar to other games you have to conquer a region by fighting through different gym leaders and evils to save the world and save Pokemon creatures from destroying their selves by choosing a bad side. The gameplay of this game is very engaging and addictive and if you are downloading this first time I am hundred percent sure you will like it. You may also like to download Pokemon Blaze Black 2 Redux ROM.


Features of Pokemon Mega Platinum ROM

  • Mega Evolution: This feature is the reason behind the massive success of this hack. Mega evolution is a skill used by Pokemon to transform into strong and powerful creatures during the fight. No doubt it is for a short time but if you apply it effectively and do not waste the power of that time you will win every fight. In the latest update of this game, there are also some new and attractive ways of evolving.
  • Stunning Graphics: Graphics are also very decent with the addition of some new skins and maps.
  • Pokemon League Tournament: This feature is also very impressive and to become the master you have to defeat your all enemies.
  • Gym Battles: Gym battles fight against other Pokemon trainers to capture their Pokemon and train them as per your strategies and style.