Pokémon Mega Evolution GBA ROM Download for Emulator


Get Ready to enjoy another remake or hack of Pokémon Fire Red Pokémon Mega Evolution download and start catching different Pokémon creatures i.e. Mega Venusaur, Froakie, Charizard X and get Ash-Greninja to fill your Pokedex and become a Pokémon trainer Champion of this fabulous Pokémon series. You may also like another Pokemon game Pokémon Inclement Emerald ROM to play and enjoy leisure time.

Handheld Gaming ConsoleNintendo Game Boy Advance
RegionWorldwide, EU, USA, EUR, JP
Remake ofFire Red
Size6.4 MB

Features of Pokémon Mega Evolution Download

  • Around 807 different Pokémon creatures from 4th and 5th generation are available as the name is mega evolution this Pokémon game is full of adventure and evil Pokémon.
  • All Alola and Mega evolutions forms including Fairy type.
  • New attacks with different power and damage improvements.
  • Different maps and events for day and night.
  • You will see some changes in graphical interface of battle text Box, menu start box, dialog text box, HP bars in NDS style.
  • Evolutionary Stones with new tiles including some new objects and EXP system.

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Game Story

In this game you can play as Tyra or Neil. You are performing as a genius scientist and professor who is working on an experiment of creating the world’s strongest and powerful Pokémon. But you have no budget to run these expensive experiments which need equipment’s worth millions. So, here comes the villain of the game a businessman called Kasper who is willing to invest in this project. Now you have to find out why he is risking his hard earn money on such an experiment which is for a noble cause and do not help him in business.


How to Open ROM File and Install on Emulator

A rom file is either in zip format or in srl for this game it is in zip format. And with the help of rom file you can play the game on any operating system using emulator without using handheld gaming console. So, downoad this file into your device i.e. Android, iPhone, PC.

After that you need to install respective emulator for your operating system. For PC, I will recommend you to use My Boy or Visual Boy advance. After installing emulator on your device simply drag the downloaded file or you will easily find the open option inside the menu bar. After opening it will take care of next process and game will be ready to play in few minutes.

Good Luck!

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