Download the 1.3 Version of Pokemon Mega Adventure ROM to enjoy this GBA Fan-made ROM Hack on any device or operating system by downloading the respective emulator.

My recommended GBA Emulators to play the game without any interruption are as follows:

  • DeSmuME: for Windows OS
  • DraStic DS Demo: for Android OS
  • DeSmuMEDeSmuME: for iOS OS

DeveloperLeon Draceus
Size798 MB
Handheld Gaming ConsoleGame Boy Advance (GBA)
VersionCompleted 1.3
CodebaseRPG Maker XP
RegionWorld, USA
GenreRole-Playing Game (RPG)

Pokemon Mega Adventure ROM Walkthrough

This game has a different storyline from its original version and at the start you have to select your hero character from the main menu and the gender. If you choose the male, your name will be Luster; for the female, your name will be Haruki.

The game is featured in the Akito region, which you must explore to catch powerful Pokemon for your Pokedex. Here are many beautiful but dangerous areas available on the map so always be ready and rather than focusing on greenery and beauty focus on your goal to become the best Pokemon trainer in this mysterious Pokemon world.

The main theme is somehow similar to Pokemon Mega Evolution in which you have to visit Professor Oak to learn the ways of evolving your Pokemon fast and save this secret of evolution from the evil teams. In this game, you have to face Team Prime which has four members Cal, Shane, Lilly, and Alex who are very good Pokemon trainers with a good portfolio of Pokemon.

They are also looking for a new evolution method to evolve their evil Pokemon fast and fulfill their bad plans of destroying the Pokemon world for the sake of power. Only you can stop these evil monsters by teaming up with Latios who is the guardian of Misty Island. You must like Pokemon Unbound ROM.


As we have discussed above the storyline is simple and you are the chosen protector of the new evolution technique invented by Prof. Oak. And with protecting this admirable invention you also have to use this technique to evolve your Pokemon fast to help the people of your region.

You are the last hope of people so act accordingly and use your powers and brain wisely to complete these powerful enemies. You can also team up with other strong Pokemon trainers and your friends to make yourself undefeatable. Also, check out Pokemon Jupiter ROM for unique gameplay.

Team Prime Introduction!

Team Prime is an evil team of 4 Pokemon trainers consisting of different powerful abilities but using them for evil. The details about Team Prime are as follows:

  • Cal: leader and best trainer of Water-type Pokemon.
  • Lily: best trainer for Fairy-type Pokemon.
  • Shane: Best trainer for Electric-type Pokemon.
  • Alex: Trainer for the Steel and analytical-type Pokemon.

Game Features

  • There are 721 Pokemon from Gen 1 to Gen 7, including some Fakemon to explore and catch in the 18 towns of the Akito region.
  • You can choose Charmander, Chespin, Froakie, Bulbasaur, Fennekin, and Squirtle as your starter Pokemon.
  • Mystery gifts on completing some events and you can also buy them in the Pokemon center.
  • All Mega stones including Pixie Stone, and Mega Bracelet for Eevee also available.
  • New and fast evolution technique to evolve your Pokemon fast.
  • Immersing GUI and Display.
  • You have to fight with 7 Gyms to become the champion.
  • To trade different items and Pokemon with your friends and family you can use Link cable.


Pokemon Mega Adventure Cheats

  • Get Unlimited Gold: CQdKKXUv7HLdbMS
  • Rank up cheat: Zw70sL3Gu3ctj3p
  • Stars: FVUw5L8roaOTSLC
  • Get Gem and Crystal: ppLGRzQ4aYmv5Bj

How to Play It on Android?

Simply follow the steps:

  • Download the ROM File from here go to the Play Store or any 3rd party website to download an Android emulator.
  • Find the downloaded file and simply drag it or open it from inside the emulator.
  • Allow its required permissions by going into Settings > Privacy if you are using an old version of Android so that it can be installed without any restriction.
  • Enjoy!