Pokemon Manly Pink ROM

Download the latest Pokemon Manly Pink ROM, the hack of Pokemon Fire Red, and enjoy the breathtaking action role-play of Pokemon games. To play this game on any operating system download a GBA Emulator required for your device. My Recommendations are:

  • My Boy: for Android
  • VisualBoyAdvance: for Windows
  • GBA4iOS: for iOS or MacBook
Release Year2012
Original VersionPokemon Fire Red
RegionWorldwide, USA
Handheld Gaming ConsoleGame Boy Advance (GBA)
Size19 MB

Gameplay & Storyline of Pokemon Manly Pink ROM

This game is built with the Codebase/Engine of Fire Red. It has almost the same gameplay characters and maps available in Pokemon Fire Red. You are acting as a young Pokemon trainer who belongs to the Unova region and needs to move towards a new Town in the Kanto region to become a more experienced trainer by exploring the different areas of the Pokemon world.

Your Dream is to become the best Pokemon trainer and champion by winning the Pokemon league against the best Gym leaders and trainers from all around the globe. You also have to fight with evil team members N from Viridian Forest and Bianca from Route 3.

The gameplay is not so easy you have to fight powerful demons so be ready to fight for your dream. Do not forget to try another fabulous Pokemon game Pokemon Dark Cry ROM to use your GBA emulator for multi-purpose. You can also download Pokemon Unbound ROM from here.


  • Pokemon from Generation 1 to Generation 5 are included in this Pokemon hack. i.e. Zoroark, Munna, and Zorua.
  • New unique sprites, moves, abilities, and powers including physical and special splits
  • New starter Pokemon including some dual-type warriors i.e. Bulbasaur.
  • You can also use cheats to make this game more accessible by getting rewards and equipment for free and can unlock different maps.
  • The game is divided into 45 parts including Finale.


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