Game NamePokemon Lost Silver
Size17 MB
Supporting PlatformPC

Basic Information:

Pokemon Lost Silver ROM is a pretty nice game with a complete storyline and additional unknown Pokemon that are not even available in the Pokemon Silver Game. Players can enjoy this game by downloading it on a PC. It was first released in 2010 and after being lost for some years, it again became popular with the public. 

Pokemon Lost Silver Game Image

About Pokemon Lost Silver Rom:

This Pokemon game is nothing but an utterly mysterious game. And why I am saying this is because no one knows whether it is a hacked version of the Pokemon Silver game or utterly a new game because no company is taking claim on this game. 

When the first time you start playing this game a logo will appear and it will stay at least 5 to 7 seconds, so never though the screen is stuck, it’s the developer thing. Also, this wait will only happen once, after that, you won’t face any issues when the next time you start playing this awesome Pokemon Lost Silver Game. 

Game logo stays for 5 sec

However, after the logo delay, when the game start, the very first thing you see is the Red Character, as shown in the image. Now the actual story starts with two major Pokemon masters, Red, and Gold. Red is defeated once by the Gold and now he has to achieve the glory of being the best Pokemon master again. 

Game Start Screen

The Pokemon character unblocked in this Pokemon Lost Silver game is quite unique, and get the information the Pokedex is also available in it. So, just download it and start exploring unique options in the menu. Moreover, an interesting feature that really inspired me a lot of the timer option available in it, here you get to know how much time you have spent in the game. 

Play time and other information

Features of the Game:

New Unknown Pokemon:

On the menu, you can clearly see that there are Six new Pokemon has added in the game without having any name, so it is up to you what you would like to name them. Just click on the Pokemon, go to the stats option and get to know all about them. You can also level them up to enjoy the maximum features. 

Unknown Pokemons

Availability of PokeGears:

Almost all the essential PokeGears are available in the game, such as TM/HM, Key items, Balls, and others. Moreover, of all the items the most important one is the escape rope, which helps you to leave any room in no time without any issue. 

Multiple Secret Places To Explore:

One feature that I really admire in the game is that the regions available in it are completely different compared to the ones available in other Pokemon on Games. And on your way from one direction to other, you will see a lot of different secret places as well, that will unlock the door of new worlds for you. Keep in mind that these secret places are mostly available behind pillars, trees, or any hurdles. So, next time when you see any place, just go near them in all directions to find the secret places. 

Background Effects Changing:

The changing background effects and Music are the two main features of the game that attract the player longer in it. Here you will experience the changing of music and effects at every new level, so each time you enter something new a whole new environment is waiting for you. 

Final Words:

I am pretty sure after reading all these features you are quite intrigued to play the Pokemon Lost Silver ROM game on your PC. The improved move, availability of Pokemon Creepypasta, and many other features that I have explained in this article make your game journey quite interesting. So, without wasting any more miniatures just download it and start enjoying the game. Also, for more games like Pokemon Fused Dimensions visit our website.