Pokemon Life Version Image
Game NamePokemon Life
Size6 MB
Hack OfFireRed

Pokemon Life Version is created by three developers named Dionen, Tcoppy, and Danny0317 and that is the reason you will experience quite professional gameplay here. The Alpha 1.9 we are offering you here was late updated in 2016 and it is the ROM Hack of FireRed version.

Some of the top-notch features of this version are the availability of a completely new region to explore, upgraded graphics, a new Pokedex, Updated moves & abilities, and all Animated Pokemon sprites are also available in it. You may also like to download Pokemon Gaia GBA ROM.

About Pokemon Life Version:

Just after the start of the game, you get to know the complete details of the controls and other features of the game, I suggest you never skip it. You will start this game as a hero and on your journey you meet a lot of people, never avoid any one of them and enjoy where the game lets you go. 

Most of the time you will start a new journey only to help someone, and this way a lot of new places will open for you. One of the most interesting places available in this version is Nendios Islands. Moreover, another feature that makes this game different from the original one is the availability of a legendary character instead of a professor. 

Moreover, there are a lot of items that are already available for you to enjoy at the initial level, and to acquire them all you have to do is explore your house completely, never skip any corner and you are able to get them. Also, you will experience the gameplay just like the generation 5 Pokemon games. 

Pokemon Life Version Screenshots

Final Words:

Download the Pokemon Life Version on your PC and you are able to experience completely new gameplay, participate in the Day and Night based events, enjoy the B&W Music, and the addition of many new Pokemon creatures. Also try other Pokemon games as well, such as Pokemon Korosu GBA ROM for PC.

Source: https://www.pokemonlife.net/