Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu ROM is one of the best Pokemon games that provides a new way of enjoying the Pokemon world. If you have ever played and liked the Pokemon Yellow Version then I am sure you will prefer this one as well because this one is the remake of the Yellow Version. 

Basic Information:

NamePokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu
Size4.4 GB
Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu ROM

In this wonderful game, Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu ROM is not an original game but if you have played the Pokemon Yellow game then you can see the similarities between these two because this one is a remake of the Yellow version. 

About Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu ROM

Contrary to other Pokemon games where the introduction from the professor will appear first here the intro is a little different. First, you have to do some important settings and then move next. This game is available in plenty of different languages, such as English, Espanol, Deutsch, Italiano, and many others. This means no matter from which part of the world you belong, this game is available for you to enjoy.


Just like language selection you also have to go through some other settings and after that, Professor Oak will appear on the screen to tell you all about this game. And the same professor will provide you with the starter Pokemon as well. Also, the graphics of this game are never less than the HD movies. I suggest you start the game by checking the Emails from the PC that will appear in your game room. Here you will get the information about your next mission. You can also download Pokemon Shining Pearl ROM from here.


Best Graphics:

Multiple beautiful locations, such as mountains, grasslands, rivers, lakes, jungle, etc. will make the gameplay a lot more interesting for you and you will enjoy this game a lot. Also, the developers have added pretty attractive colors to everything which is why users prefer to explore the gaming world. You will start in the Kanto Region and move to several parts of this area. 

151 Pokemon Present:

This game contains all the original 151 Pokemon that are designed in a pretty simple way, but all these Pokemon are pretty powerful. You will get grass, fire, water, poison, buy, flying, electric, and many other types of Pokemon in it, so try to capture all of them, so your chances of getting through all the hurdles without any harm will increase.

LETSGO-PIKACHU-FIELD-VIEW with different pokemon

Enjoy the Fights:

To show yourself the best and get more Pokemon you have to participate and win the battles against other Pokemon trainers. All these fights are not simple, you will face plenty of hurdles and to win building strategies is of utmost importance. You have to understand the features of all your captured Pokemon then you are able to make a perfect selection for any battle. Also, play Pokemon Brilliant Diamond ROM to get the most fun from Pokemon games.

Final Words:

Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! ROM will keep you entertained and provide you the opportunity to play with GYM Leaders and establish yourself as the best trainer of all time. In this game, you are able to trade your caught Pokemon with the other players’ rear ones. The interesting gameplay, the presence of Poké Balls, and many other interesting features make your game journey one of the best.

Source: https://pokemonletsgo.pokemon.com/en-us/