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Basic Information:

Game NamePokemon Leaf Green Version
Size5 MB

Pokemon Leaf Green ROM is a classic remake version of the Pokemon Green game, and if you are a lover of the Pokemon series then, I’m sure, you are going to enjoy this version a lot. Here you will experience updated graphics, game mechanics, and many new features. So, download it and start the journey of exploring the Pokemon world. And to get authentic information about this version read this post completely.

About Pokemon Leaf Green ROM:

Although this is two decades old, it is still one of the best games and quite popular as well. This version is a combination of modern mechanics, updated graphics, interesting gameplay, and many other interesting features that keep you engaged for hours without letting you have any feeling of boredom at all. 

The first time when you start playing this game, the first thing that appears on the screen is the information about controls, so every player understands how to play this game. It is a very user-friendly feature of this game and every player no matter whether he/she has already played any Pokemon game or not understands this version fully owing to initial tutorials. 

The three starter Pokemon are Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle, and you have to choose one from these three. Each one of these three Pokemon has different abilities and unique strengths. 

Game Image

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Addition Of New Places:

Sevii Islands are a group of islands and it is a completely new addition to this game. If you have played the Pokemon Green version you won’t see these islands there. Keep in mind that to access these islands first you have to defeat the Elite Four and the champions. Moreover, in these islands, you will see new unique Pokemon which adds more excitement among the players. 


To increase the joy among players the makers have added mini-game features in this Leaf Green Version as well. Through these games, you can easily get more rewards and you are also able to catch new unique Pokemon.


One of the most popular and interesting mini-games available in this version is the Berry Crushing game, which allows players to crush berries to make juice and then use it as a healing medicine for Pokemon. Just like this game all other mini-games are also pretty simple and make this game more engaging.

Updated Pokedex:

You might know that Pokedex is a pretty important tool for any player. Through this feature, you get to know all information about Pokemon creatures. There are 386 different Pokemon available in this version and the information on their types, abilities, moves, and locations all are available in the Pokedex.


Final Words:

Pokemon Leaf Green ROM is a new addition to the Pokemon game series and as I have explained in this article it is one of the best games. It has updated graphics and sound, more trained battles, and many other new features. So, download it from this website and start enjoying the game.