Pokemon Korosu ROM is an intriguing ROM hack of “Pokemon FireRed”. Unlike many other Pokemon games, “Korosu” offers a darker and more mature storyline, inspired by the movie “Kill Bill”. This game was last updated in 2016 and you will get the complete version from this page.

Pokemon Korosu ROM Image

Pokemon Korosu ROM GBA Gameplay: 

At its core, Pokemon Korosu maintains the traditional mechanics of Pokemon games where players capture, train, and battle with Pokemon. However, the game introduces additional elements that are not present in the original FireRed version, ensuring that players are constantly on their toes.

Mature Storyline: 

The narrative isn’t the traditional Pokemon journey to become the Champion, on the contrary it is more like a revenge story.

New Regions: 

You aren’t limited to Kanto, in fact, you will explore the Sevii Islands and a part of Johto in this game as well, which make this game quite interesting. 

Challenging Battles: 

Keep in mind that you will face tougher trainers and to win you have to strategize more because the difficulty level has been increased in it.


The protagonist is a young girl from the small town of Cypress in the Sevii Islands. Her life takes a tragic turn when her family is brutally murdered by a dangerous Mafia group. After narrowly escaping the same fate, she’s taken in and trained by a man named “Killer”. Consumed by vengeance, she embarks on a journey to track down those responsible and deliver her own brand of justice.

Her journey isn’t just about revenge, it’s also a path of self-discovery. Along the way, she encounters gangsters, other trainers with their own vendettas, and discovers disturbing secrets about the criminal underworld of the Pokemon world.


Mature Themes: 

The story contains strong language, graphic violence, and mature themes which are not typical for a Pokemon game.

Unique Progression: 

Unlike most Pokemon games where the goal is to collect badges and challenge the league, in “Korosu”, your main objective is to exact revenge.

Diverse Capture Options: 

Apart from traditional catching methods, players can also steal Pokemon from certain trainers, further emphasizing the rogue nature of the protagonist.

Modified Pokemon: Some Pokemon have altered typings, abilities, and moves, giving a fresh experience.

New Moves and TMs: 

Diverse new move-sets and TMs to expand your Pokemon’s capabilities.

Choices Matter: Throughout the game, players will make choices that affect the outcome of the story.


Pokemon Korosu ROM is quite different from the traditional Pokemon experience, which is why it attracts those Pokemon fans who want to enjoy a darker and more narrative-driven journey. With its mature themes and engrossing revenge plot, it’s a ROM hack that provides a unique experience while maintaining the core essence of Pokemon battles and captures. If you’re looking for a fresh perspective in the Pokemon universe, this Korosu ROM is a game you must play.

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