Download Pokemon Kalos Crystal ROM, Choose your starter Pokemon as Kalos, and get ready to enjoy this mixup of Unova Red with some additional features. The storyline and gameplay are the same as Pokemon Crystal as its codebase used for creating this ROM hack.

The difference is very enjoyable and powerful and called “single playthrough” like the old generation 1 game series in which you can assign a single task to all of your Pokedex Pokemon at once.

You can play this game on Android, iOS, Linux, and Windows operating systems by downloading the respective GBC Emulator according to your device and installing the game ROM init. My recommended GBC Emulators are My OldBoy and BGB.

VersionComplete 1.0
Size905 kb
Last Updated Year2018
RegionWorld, USA
Gaming ConsoleGame Boy Color (GBC)
Orignal VersionPokemon Crystal

Pokemon Kalos Crystal ROM Features

  • Single Playthrough: Walkthrough Generation 1 feature in which you can assign your complete Pokedex on a single task.
  • Updated Dialogue
  • Pokemon from generations 5 and 6 to explore and capture.
  • New attacks.
  • Fairy Type Pokemon are added
  • Trade evolutions upgraded to level-up evolutions, now you have to level up your Pokemon instead of simple trade.
  • Spoiler Logs to completely describe the game changes.
  • Updated TMs that can be used only once at a time.
  • Ghost and Fairy types are classified as special while Dark is classified as physical.
  • The matchup chart is upgraded to the modern chart
  • New locations for Pokemon and evolution stones.
  • A one-time battle system with rivals.
  • The Ruins of Alph event requires 4 puzzles to become the winner.
  • New Elite Four with more powerful members.

Cheat Codes (Cheats)

  • Poke Ball: 0105B8D5 910593D8
  • Master Balls: 0101B8D5 910193D8
  • Rare Candies 0120B8D5 912093D8
  • Max Potion: 010FB8D5 910F93D8
  • Shiny Encounter: 910730D2
  • Max PP: 01FF41DA 91FFF6DC
  • Unlimited EXP: 014433DA
  • Walk Through Walls: 9100FDC2
  • Infect Pokerus: 010146DA 9101FBDC
  • Unlimited Money: 91424FD8
  • Increase Bike Speed: 010182D6 91015DD9

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