Download another Pokemon ROM hack names Pokemon Infinity ROM and enjoy being a Pokemon trainer of a new region Egho. This game is made by RPG Maker XP which is software for creating simple RPG games tp play on Android or different operating systems. Read the full post to learn about cheats, gameplay, walkthrough, features, and storyline.

DeveloperAtomic Reactor
Size368 MB
Based onRPG Maker XP

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You are a young guy in an unconscious state lying in the mid of the forest of a mysterious island of the Egho region. You do not know who you are and where you belong because you have lost your memory. Here you meet with the professor who asked you to join his team as a Pokemon trainer and gave you your starter Pokemon after some training. His assistant tells you you need to fight evil monsters and organizations to reveal the mystery behind your memory loss if you want to go back home.

talking with lucy after getting out of forest

Here the real game begins which is full of adventure, fun, and challenges. There are different game modes i.e. Battle, Safari, and Mystery Dungeon mode and you have to go through each one by one. So, get ready for an adventurous journey that is completely different from old Pokemon generations there are different locations of Pokemon and Fakemons which you have to explore for filling your Pokedex. You can also check Pokemon Moon Black 2 ROM.

Pokemon Infinity ROM Features

  • Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander as starters Pokemon.
  • Pokemon from different generations of Pokemon series with altered or updated sprites.
  • 2 regions to explore Fakemon are named Neoh and Egho.
  • New Moves and objects like luxury balls, and fastballs including evaluation stones are also available in Pokeshops.
  • Dynamic weather system to change day and night.
  • The game has its own time system.
  • 650+ battle animations from 1st to 6th generation.
  • The level cap now moves up to 150.
  • Trade evolution including other evolution methods also available.


Cheat codes are best when you have no other choice and you are losing the game.

  • Daily rewards: kUQgorWwY
  • Booster Pack: ah0xt27uD
  • Increase Stamina: jj9O0O11V
  • Increase Speed: BDZzxkqaM
  • Deluxe Pack: P8rVHDxhC