Download Pokémon HeartGold ROM – NDS Version

Game NamePokémon HeartGold Version
Size58 MB
RegionUnited States
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Pokémon HeartGold ROM is a 4th generation game that supports the Nintendo DS console and with the NDS emulator, you can play it on any device. So, to be the best trainer in this game, first, you have to understand all the features and other information of this game and then start playing it. I have also explained this game’s features and other information in this article, so keep reading. 

About Pokémon HeartGold ROM:

If you have played the previous Pokémon Gold Version then I am sure that you see visible similarities between the two because it is the updated version of that game. Here as a Pokémon trainer you will visit both Johto and Kanto regions and capture a lot of new Pokémon creatures there. 

You can also customize a lot of things in this version, such as changing the text speed that appears on the screen, turning on or off the battle scenes, changing the battle style, customizing the sound of the game, changing the frame, etc. And to reach the main menu of the game click on the bottom side of the screen.

In the main menu, you can see all the options such as Pokedex, Bag, PokeGear, etc. Moreover, there are two types of damaging moves available here, physical and special, and information about those moves are also available in the main menu along with the defense rate, the speed of attack, and other such stats. 


Capture New Pokémon:

In Pokémon Heart Gold NDS ROM you will capture 490+ different Pokémon and the best thing about this version is that you will watch more upgraded movesets and new advanced level features in all Pokémon creatures. They will change the appearance after being fully updated and in this generation 4 game, there are 467 different movesets. 

Introduces a lot of New Items:

Compared to the previous version there are a lot of new items that have been introduced in this version such as Smoke Ball, NeverMelt Ice, Choice Scarf, Amulet Coins, Destiny Knot, etc. Moreover, two new characters, Lyra and Chris, are also introduced in this version which the previous version is lacking. 

New Characters

Final Words:

Pokémon HeartGold ROM is a pretty amazing game containing almost all categories of Pokémon creatures, pretty advanced graphics, and many other fun features which increase the interest among the players. So, download this game on your device and start playing it.

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