Pokemon Green Version ROM

Basic Information:

Game NamePokemon Green ROM
Size451 KB

Although the Pokemon Green ROM Version is an old game, it contains pretty adventurous gameplay, which makes this one still popular among gamers. You can enjoy this game on the Gameboy console, both GBA and GBC. Also, by downloading the Gameboy emulator it is possible to play this role-playing genre game on PC, Android, and IOS devices as well. 

About Pokemon Green ROM:

There is nothing new at the start of the game, just like others of this genre you have to answer some of the most common questions as well as enter the name and select the character. If you have ever played any game of the Pokemon genre I must say you will experience the same things here. 

I suggested that if you are a beginner here, then for the understanding of the whole storyline you must select the speed of the screen text to normal or slow, not select the fast option. Because in the background you will only listen to the music and to understand the conservation between two or more characters the only way is to read the text that will appear every now and then. 

Game ScreenShot

You can withdraw, toss, and dispose of a lot of different items such as potions, etc. And for this, all you have to do is turn on the PC and these options will appear on the screen. The PC is available just at the right corner of your house in the Kanto region from where you have started the game. 

In this Green Version of Pokemon ROM, you can capture 151 different Pokemon, and also remember that all of these are pretty important because you have to be the champion in this game, so these all are important. Also, collecting the eight gym Badges these Pokemon will also help you a lot. 

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Final Words:

Download Pokemon Green Version ROM and enjoy the fights with 8 gym leaders followed by the Elite Four. You will enjoy the storyline of this role-playing genre game along with the whole gameplay. Also, if you have any questions regarding this game, then mention them in the comments, and our team will answer them ASAP.