Pokemon Gold ROM Image

You can play Pokemon Gold ROM on both GBC (Gameboy Color) and GBA (Game Boy Advance) consoles. It is a second-generation game containing a pretty simple interface and multiple features such as the presence of 250+ Pokemon creatures where 100 are totally new ones, more advanced graphics, etc. 

Basic Information:

Game NamePokemon Gold Version
Size731 KB
RegionUSA, Europe

About Pokemon Gold ROM:

The game will start with a complete story of the Pokemon world and Professor Elm will explain it to you. However, before that you have to do some settings for the game, which are only one-time steps, such as mentioning the time, selecting the character, and answering some other questions. 

Although it is a pretty old 2001 version of the game, it is still pretty popular among the players and I am sure that you will like it too. Moreover, you will experience the anime graphics in this game and the region which you explore for completing the missions and capturing the Pokemon is Johto, located at the west of the most famous Kanto region.

Game Image

Also, this game is available free of cost on this website, just click on the download button and get the game. Apart from the consoles it supports the GBA and GBC emulators as well, which means you are able to play it on Android, IOS, and even on Windows platforms. 

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All Category of Pokemon Creatures:

All level two Pokemon creatures are available in the Pokemon Gold GBA Version game including the Grass, Water, Fire, Flying, Electric, poison, etc. As every Pokemon has different features that is why to win you need them all. And for information about any new creature that you capture visit the Pokedex.

Explore New Places

Unravel A lot of Mysteries:

The gameplay of the Pokemon Gold Version is pretty interesting, here you train, breed, and fight with multiple other Pokemon trainers. And while completing the tasks you will explore a lot of unseen places as well.