Pokemon Glazed Reborn Image

Basic Information:

Game NamePokemon Glazed Reborn
Size10.12 MB

Pokemon Glazed Reborn ROM is a wonderful game because here you will explore a new region named Tunod, and this region is full of new adventures and a lot of fun, so you should try this version at least once. It is a GBA console-based ROM and via an emulator, you can easily play it on all sorts of devices, just like you play other games available on this website.  

About Pokemon Glazed Reborn:

On this website, we offer you the latest updated version of this game, which has been completely revamped. It is a fan-made remake version of Pokemon Emerald and it is created by “Redriders180”, and in it, a lot of new features such as improved graphics, more challenges, and a new gameplay experience has been added for you to enjoy. 

What really makes this game pretty exciting is the addition of new characters and areas. At the start, you get the game introduction from Professor Willow and after getting the starter Pokemon, as you get in other games, your journey will start. Moreover, in this game there is no need to set the clock time, it will automatically adjust. 

The area you will explore first is GlenWood Town, where you are living in this game. It is a pretty attractively designed area, you will see a bunch of trees and beautiful landscapes. The next area you will visit is Chocco Town where you will get a few things that will help you in your journey to other places. If you have already played the Pokemon Glazed ROM version, then I must say, after reading this ROM information, you get to know that the storyline of both versions is pretty much the same. 


Complete Version:

We offer you the complete version of the Pokemon Glazed Reborn game, which is fully lag-free and has smooth attractive graphics. 

Mega Evolution:

The most famous Mega Evolution feature has also been included in this remake version, so now you are able to enjoy more savage battles in it. 

Rematch with other Trainers:

Yes, you read it right, in this version, you are able to rematch with the other Pokemon trainers, and if you lost previously, learn from the mistakes and grab the victory title next time. 

Explore New Areas:

To your surprise in this version, you are able to explore three different regions: Kalos, Johto, and Tunod. All these are pretty attractive ones and make the gameplay more exciting and interesting for you. 

New Pokemon Creatures:

You are able to catch up to 5th generation Pokemon here including the five-star ones. Also, always read the instruction manual available in the Pokedex on this game, so you know everything better. Moreover, new physical and special splits have also added in these Pokemon which help you win the battles against other trainers. 

Final Words:

After reading all the features and other information of this Pokemon Glazed Reborn ROM, I am sure you eagerly want to download it now, so why wait? We have placed the direct download link of the ROM file at the start, just click on it and you get the file. And if you want to play other games in this genre, visit our website. There are plenty of other Pokemon games available for download totally free of cost, such as Pokemon Mega Adventure.