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Pokemon Giratina Strikes Back ROM

Release Year2011
Hack ofPokemon Ruby
Handheld Gaming ConsoleGame Boy Advance
GenreRole-Playing , Adventure
RegionWorldwide, USA, EUR, JP
Size584 KB

Storyline Walkthrough

In this game, you are acting as a 13-year-old boy or girl and you are the son/daughter of a big businessman who owns EDGE Co. company in the Lunoh region. He wants to become a Pokemon master to save the world from evil but due to some urgencies, he was not able to become one. Now he asked you to fulfill his childhood wish. Here the journey begins and you will get your starter Pokemon which is Eevee.

The journey is not easy because you have to fight and capture not only evil Pokemon but a new species known as Fakemon which are not as real as Pokemon the number of fights you have to fight will increase as you have both types of creatures to capture and fulfill your Pokedex.

There are some other calamities as well i.e. Team Genesis who is trying to release Giratina from distortion place to dominate the world with his powerful abilities and powers. You have to stop them as protagonists of your region. There are many other new Gym leaders with distinct powers and you will face difficulty fighting with these warriors and Pokemon trainers.

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Gameplay Screenshots

Pokemon Giratina Strikes Back ROM Features

  • Eevee is your starter Pokemon which can be evolved in Espeon and Umbreon with the help of Sun and Moon Stone. And all Pokemon in this game who want to evolve by trade have to use an evolution stone.
  • You can now buy different equipment and evolution stones as well from the Drallia town Mart.
  • Pokemon can understand different moves more quickly i.e. Water guns, and Quick attacks.
  • 66 Fakemon and 11 Gym Leaders.
  • New Cities, Caves, Islands, and Towns to explore and catch Pokemon.
  • Indoor Maps with new tiles and GUI