Pokemon Fusion Origins Image

Basic Information:

Game NamePokemon Fusion Origins
Size15 MB

Pokemon Fusion Origins is a fan-made ROM hack of the most famous Fire Red version, and since its release, it has become very popular among Pokemon game lovers. The major twist added in this game is the availability of over 200 fusions, yes you read it right, in this version, you can combine two different Pokemon and create a new one.

And that new Pokemon that you create is a completely brand-new creature having unique abilities and stats. So, now you understand that you will enjoy a pretty exciting experience in this updated version.  

About Pokemon Fusion Origins ROM:

When you start playing this game, read all the information that is available on the screen, this way you get to know its features and other latest information. To make this wonderful game version, LilRaph, the developer has spent countless hours and after this huge struggle, he is able to bring new spirits, move sets, and abilities. And now this game feels like a natural extension of the Pokemon series.


This fusion feature is quite a unique concept at the time of the release of this version, and that is the only feature that makes it quite popular. So, make as many new creatures as you like and start exploring the same Kanto Region, which you experience in the FireRed version as well.

Moreover, there are other new features that have also been introduced in this version, such as now you can reuse TMs, add custom moves and abilities in Pokemon creatures, new modified maps of the Kanto region, a lot of unique plots like many other features, which will surely keep you entertained for hours. 


Final Words:

Download this fabulous ROM hack of the Pokemon Fusion Origins Game and you will enjoy a new experience of exploring the Pokemon world. And for more Pokemon games like Pokemon Moon Emerald ROM, you can visit our site. We also have the Pokemon Cloud White Latest Version for free.