Pokemon Fusion 3 ROM Image
Game NamePokemon Fusion 3
Size7.17 MB

Pokemon Fusion 3 ROM is a hack version of the Pokemon Emerald game and it is a complete version that we are offering you on this website. This was last updated in 2021 when new features like the day/night system, advanced soundtrack, and more fusion options were introduced. Also, this version supports the GBA console and if you want to play it on other devices such as a PC, or on an Android tablet, then use the GBA Emulator for it.

About Pokemon Fusion 3 ROM:

The whole credit for the creation of this ROM goes to Grillo & Lugre, they introduced new advancements in it. Also, as the name suggests, in this version, you can combine different Pokemon creatures and do fusion to create a new one. This feature is also available in the other Pokemon games of this category as well, such as Pokemon Fusion Origins, however, in this version, you can do over 170 new fusions, which will excite you a lot.

In this game you will explore the Hoenn Region and your journey starts from Littleroot town. Moreover, just like the emerald version, at the start, Professor Birch will welcome you in this game and to save him you get the starter Pokemon. Legendary and shiny Pokemon are also available, so if you want to win the difficult challenges you should need them.  


Mega Evolution:

Among all other features, Mega Evolution is also available in this version. And if you don’t know what this feature does, then let me explain it to you. This feature is quite useful during battles, with it you can temporarily boost the powers of your selected Pokemon creatures, and introduce more moves in it, and on top of all the appearance of the Pokemon is also changed for a while. You can also enjoy mega evolution in Pokemon Armageddon GBA ROM.

Reusable TMs:

In most of the game Technical Machines aka TMs can only be used once, however, in this version, you are allowed to use them again. With these TMs, you can teach new moves to your selected Pokemon and make the gameplay even more interesting.

Excellent Graphics:

The developers have used vibrant colors, add stunning visual effects, and proper color combinations, which provide a pretty attractive view of the whole game. Also, due to the smooth animation of this game, you will experience the movement of all the characters as naturally as real ones.


Final Words:

Download Pokemon Fusion 3 and you will experience features like Mega Evolution, Resume TMs, advanced graphics, more fusions, new Pokemon creatures, a day and night changing system, and many other features. Also, try the Pokemon Cursed Version.

Source: https://pokemon-fan-game.fandom.com/wiki/Pok%C3%A9mon_Fusion_3