Pokemon Fusion 2 SoulSilver ROM

Here comes another ROM hack of the most famous Pokemon SoulSilver version named Pokemon Fusion 2 SoulSilver ROM.

This one was created by Lugre & EBattle and contains features like the fusion of Pokemon creatures, the ability to add new moves to Pokemon creatures, and the exploration of both Johto and Kanto regions, like many others.

Also, along with all the features the developers have managed to increase the difficulty of this version as well, so you will enjoy it a bit more. You can also download Pokemon Storm Silver ROM.

Basic Information:

Name Pokemon Fusion 2 – SoulSilver
Size60 MB
DeveloperLugre & EBattle

Pokemon Fusion 2 SoulSilver ROM

Developers of these types of versions always tried to fulfill the gamer’s dream, mostly they read the requests from different Pokemon community forums and then make these kinds of versions. That is the reason such games are quite popular.

The addition of new advanced graphics, the introduction of a new storyline, and above all provides you the opportunity of a new area to visit and play with new Pokemon are a few of its many features. Also, you won’t experience new gameplay in this updated version, just like the original SoulSilver version this one is also quite the same. 

Game Screenshot


Fusion of Pokemon:

You are allowed to combine two different Pokemon and make a new one, currently, there are 160 different Pokemon creatures available that you can easily combine together.

Along with the appearance the newly created Pokemon have unique abilities and moves as well. Also, in this version, you will see Pokemon from the first four generations. 


Explore the Area:

Both Johto and the Kanto regions are completely open for you to explore here. You can capture all the available Pokemon there as well as take a visit to the hidden areas as well. You also see new maps in it, so visit the map section and here you get to know all about the hidden places. 

Final Words:

Pokemon Fusion 2 – SoulSilver ROM is a new addition to the list of Pokemon hacks versions. And just like the other interesting games, such as Pokemon Volt White Version ROM, this one is also pretty interesting.