Download Pokémon Fused Dimensions (GBA) ROM (Updated)

Pokemon Fused Dimensions Image
NamePokémon Fused Dimensions
Size3.10 MB
LanguageEnglish Only
Hack OfFire Red Version

About Pokémon Fused Dimensions:

More than the original games, hacked versions are more popular, and the reason is quite simple and understandable, the limitation you faced in the original version is completely removed in the hacked version making it quite user-friendly for everyone, along with that, players will also experience more advanced features in it as well. 

One question might pop up in your mind for how much extent this version is different from the Fire Red Version, then let me clear one thing for all of you, it is not different at all, the storyline and the gameplay are absolutely the same. But this version contains additional features. Among them, some of the most exceptional features are the presence of eight generation EXP and Repel system, which makes this hack version quite popular. Read further to get to know about other features of this version.

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Availability of TMs:

As we all know, the TMs (Technical Machines) can only be used once in all first four generations of Pokémon games, but in this Pokémon Fused Dimensions GBA ROM hack, players are allowed to reuse the TMs. So, after getting this hacked version the Pokémon trainers can now easily teach their Pokémon new move sets to win against the other Pokémon. I am pretty sure you would love this version. 

Pokedex for All Fused Pokémon’s Information:

I have already defined that in this hacked version players can combine two different Pokémon creatures to create a new unique Pokémon, but there is a question here, how can we get to know about the stats of all these new Pokémon creatures? Don’t worry, here you get a complete custom Pokedex where all fused Pokémon’s stats, such as moves, categories, etc. is mentioned. 

HMs (Hidden Machine) Moves:

Another best feature of this Pokémon hack version is that here you can also delete and add new HM Moves for the exploration of the Pokémon World. There are many moves are available for everyone. 

Addition of New Physical/Special Split:

Both the Physical and Special Splits are important in Pokémon Games. Because through these new Pokémon moves adds in the game and in this version you will also get a lot of different Physical/Special Splits.

Addition of Fairy Type:

Fairy Type

Generation 6 Fairy Types are also included in this version making it quite an interesting one for the players. Now with these Fairy Types, you can easily balance the games along with getting more cute Pokémon.

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