PublisherNintendo & Pokemon Company
GenreRole-Playing Adventure
RegionWorldwide, EUR, USA
Size5.17 MB
Hack or Remake ofPokemon Fire Red
VersionFull / Completed
Handheld Gaming ConsoleGame Boy Advance (GBA)
Release Year2012-2013

Now this is the time to become a bad boy by joining the evil Team Rocket due to the involvement of the brother. So, Download the latest hack Pokemon Fuligin ROM game which is a remake of Pokemon Fire Red, and get ready to enjoy this breathtaking adventurous battle. You can play this game on any operating system using the respective emulator of your device.

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Game Story

This game story is very exciting and intriguing and is based on a child who lives with her mother in the small town of Alora City. From his childhood, he wants to become an extraordinary personality so he starts his journey to becoming the world’s best Pokemon Champion and Trainer. But he got in a situation where his own brother became a member of the evil Pokemon trainers team known as Team Rocket.

He has no choice rather than to join that group as well to free his brother from that hell so he joins them due to his extraordinary skills, and powers, and having a large number of Pokemon in his Pokedex he becomes their leader and changes their perspective of destroying the world. In this journey, Professor Oak has helped him a lot. You may also like Pokemon Dragonstone ROM by AlexTheRose.

Pokemon Fuligin ROM Features

  • All Pokemon till 3rd Generation of Pokemon games are available in this game as well.
  • You have to face new Gym leaders and Elite Four by the side of Team Rocket.
  • The difficulty of the game levels increases gradually so use your resources wisely.
  • Around 30 hours of gameplay.
  • New Equipment and Powers to catch and train different Pokemon.
  • New Maps and levels with intensive gameplay.

Game Images