Download Pokemon Frosty ROM the latest game hack of Pokemon Ruby and enjoy the new maps and adventures of catching powerful Pokemon to become the champion trainer of this Pokemon game series.

You can enjoy this ROM online and offline by downloading any emulator depending on your operating system. My recommended GBA emulator ROMs are My Boy for Android, VisualBoyAdvance for Windows, and GBA4iOS to play the game on iOS.

Pokemon Frosty Download

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Remake ofPokemon Ruby
Handheld Gaming ConsoleGame Boy Advance (GBA)
Release Year2008
RegionWW, EUR, USA, JP
Size4.71 MB
GenreAdventure, Role Playing
Play Online

Game Story

This game story is based on the Hoenn region where evil powers are trying to command. So, as the game hero you have to tackle the situation by capturing legendary Pokemon using dirt Poke balls, and other equipment to fill your Pokedex with powerful Pokemon creatures. This will help you beat your enemies easily and clear the area from evil clouds. Also, Download the latest Pokemon Blue Sea Edition ROM hack to get the gaming experience of Pokemon Fire Red in the Blue Sea.

Features of Pokemon Frosty ROM

  • Good quality graphics with new maps and tiles.
  • New characters and sprites to enjoy the gameplay with ease.
  • New Gym leaders and Pokemon champions and a challenging game environment.
  • Around 160 new Pokemon creatures including water-based Pokemon i.e. Zigzagoon, Squirtle.
  • Different weather stations including Snowy weather.
  • New routes to travel around the world.
  • Different events to collect rewards for getting high-end weapons and equipment.

Game Screenshots