Pokemon Flora Sky ROM Image
NamePokemon Flora Sky
Hack OfPokemon Emerald
LanguageEnglish Only
Operating SystemGBA

Just like the other wonderful Pokemon Games that I have shared with you on this website, Pokemon Flora Sky ROM will also prove quite interesting to you. It is a fan-made hack version of Pokemon Emerald and that is why you will find quite similarities between these two. Moreover, in this version, you will also experience new features, enhancement in the storyline, and a lot of legendary Pokemon mysteries. 

About Pokemon Flora Sky ROM:

Before start playing this game first every player has to do a few settings in this game. Just open the game and then click on the “Options” tab. Now, from this menu, you can do a lot of customizations, such as changing the text speed, battle scenes, Sound, Button Mode, Frame, etc. All these options will help you play the game in a more advanced way. 

After the settings, now you can select the “New Game” button and Professor Birch will welcome you along with providing you the complete information about the game. The intro is quite the same as you experience in most of the Pokemon games, and that is why you can skip it easily, However, never skip the instruction guide because you need it for completing the missions. 



The main storyline of this Pokemon Flora version is quite interesting. It depicts the time when the two most famous Pokemon creatures Palkia and Dialga fought and owing to that a portal between the two worlds is now open. And it poses a huge threat to the existence of every living creature.

So, for the betterment of everyone, it is your duty to close the portal. However, keep in mind that the journey is not as simple as it seems. You have to face a lot of difficulties and complete multiple tasks to reach the final end. We also have the Pokemon Saffron Version which you can also download for free.


New Stories:

One of the best features of this hack version is the addition of new stories that are not available in the original Emerald version. All the stories are designed professionally and make the whole gameplay interesting and exciting. 

Pokemon Creatures:

All the Pokemon creatures you will be friends with in this game belong to generations 4 and 5. You will upgrade them to enhance the powers and use them to fight with the evil ones, and the best thing is that you will also use your Pokemon friends to capture other powerful ones as well. Currently, there are 386 different Pokemon creatures available, and I am sure more will be available after future updates. You can also download Pokemon Cursed Version GBA ROM to see some totally unique characters.

Availability of Minigames:

This updated version is also offering a lot of minigames. So, those who have a short time to enjoy the full missions can easily enjoy these minigames. I have played these ones, which is why I assure you that all these games prove quite interesting to you. 

Reset the Clock:

It is a pretty customizable game which is why you are able to change the time according to your likes. And for this just go to the room and here you can change it. Also, try other Pokemon games as well, such as Pokemon Lets Go Eevee ROM.


Additional Things:

List of all the additional things of this version:

  1. New pretty wide Maps, so we will explore new locations in every new mission. 
  2. Powerful Moves, which will help you to win battles against bad creatures. 
  3. Daily Events: These events keep updating on a daily basis and after completing one event the next will automatically unlock for you. 
  4. Additional HMs: With its help, you can easily unlock new moves in your favorite Pokemon creature. 
  5. Day and Night System: To provide a pretty close look at the real world the makers have also added the day and night changing system in this game. And the best feature is that you will face different challenges at different times. 

Final Words:

Pokemon Flora Sky ROM is one of the best because it contains excellent colorful graphics, a unique storyline, and top of all plenty of new features. This hack was released back in 2011 and from that time till now this game has been gaining popularity.