Pokemon Flawless Platinum ROM is another pre-patched hack based on Pokemon Platinum with a new and fun experience. The main difference in this hack is you will get National Dex at the start so you do not need to explore the complete Sinnoh region to find Pokemon locations.

Size84.13 MB
Hack ofPokemon Platinum
Gaming ConsoleNintendo DS
Release Year2013
RegionUSA, Worldwide, Europe
GenreRole-Playing (RPG)

Pokemon Flawless Platinum ROM Features

  • You will get National Pokedex at the start of the game.
  • Base stats, Types, Movesets, Evolution means, and Abilities of some Pokemon are altered as I am inspired by different Pokemon hacks.
  • Trade evolutions have been edited and happiness evolutions now changed to levels.
  • All battles are edited and you can see non-legendary Pokemon before the Elite Four and without Team Galactic.
  • There are 493 Pokemon to catch including wild, legendary, evolved, or unevolved Pokemon and you can catch them through different events, encounters, or fighting with trainers and Gyms in the game.
  • Poké Radar Pokémon, Trophy Garden, and the Great Marsh are easily accessible to the player.
  • Poke Radar, Evolution Stones, Fossils, and TM’s are also available similar to the original version there is no prominent change in all these objects.
  • Swarm Pokémon and GBA insertion Pokémon are not available in the game.
  • Roaming Pokemon is neglected in the game.
  • Levels of Overworld Pokemon are increased for the sake of increasing difficulty and now you will get gift Pokemon now at higher levels.
  • You can easily get Rotom’s forms and the Regis without the help of Secret Key or Event Regigigas.
  • This is a bug but you can enjoy it some trainers due to an unexpected code error have strange or not understandable names. But do not worry about that because the gameplay and goal of the game is the same and you have to win against these trainers.
  • There is another error in which you will automatically enter Eterna City if you start riding your bike without healing your power if you lose some.

How to Play Guide

To play this outstanding ROM game on your Android, iOS, and PC devices you need an Emulator which is a software application built to change the OS of a device similar to the game codebase required environment. You can also check out Pokemon Perfect Platinum which is another amazing hack of the original Pokemon Platinum Version.

This game is an NDS ROM so you need to download and install an NDS Emulator on your device there are different emulators for different operating systems and my recommendations are mentioned below:

  • Android: DraStic DS Demo
  • iOS or MacBook: DeSmuMEDeSmuME
  • Windows or PC Operating Systems (32-bit): DeSmuME
  • 64-Bit Windows OS: MelonDS

ROM Installation Guide

After installing one of the above-mentioned emulators according to your device download the zip or IPA file of the ROM from the download button. Open the emulator and open the download from inside the emulator or drag the ROM file in case you are using a PC.

The emulator automatically gets access to the game codebase and installs it automatically. wait a few seconds or minutes according to the size of the file and you will be able to play this amazing game in no time. By applying the same process you can enjoy another famous NDS game ROM Pokemon Phoenix Rising.


Game Cheats

Only use these cheat codes when you really need them because these can ruin the gaming experience of you and other players playing beside you. Use L+B or R+B to activate or deactivate these cheats.

  • Walk Through Walls: 12056C06 00002000
  • Unlimited Money: B21C4D28 00000000
  • Rare Candy: B21c4d28 00000000
  • Steal Pokemon from Trainers: 1223B5FA 00002100
  • 100% Catch Rate: 1223C1F4 00004280
  • Unlock All Berries: E0000C00 00000100
  • Duble EXP: 02241E80 60080180
  • Get Master Ball: E0000D00 0000003C
  • Unlock Gym Badges: 20000096 000000FF


Information Sources

1: https://www.pokecommunity.com/threads/pok%C3%A9mon-flawless-platinum.307373/