FireRed Rocket Edition ROM Image

Basic Information:

Game NameFireRed Rocket Edition
Size6.2 MB

Pokemon FireRed Rocket Edition ROM is a hack of the original FireRed version and to be the Pokemon master you have to go through a lot of challenges. Another interesting fact about this updated version is that you will play as a member of Team Rocket, which means those you fight in the FireRed version are now your team in this version. 

Images of Different places of the game

About Pokemon FireRed Rocket Edition ROM:

Understanding the controls is pretty important in this game which is why you must go through the complete initial tutorial where everything about the game will explain to you. Also, here you will explore the most famous Kanto region, just like in the original FireRed version but with a more enticing storyline and a lot of new adventures. 

To your surprise, you will get to know about a lot of new characters, and new Pokemon, and top of all you get the opportunity to explore many new areas that are not available in the original version. This is what makes this version different from the others in a good way. Pallet Town is the place where the game starts, it is your hometown and you get the initial level essential things from here. 

Rocket Edition Images

Get Pokemon from other Trainers:

As a ROM hack, this version provides you the opportunity to get the Pokemon from other trainers. For this, all you have to do is defeat them on the battlefield and you will be able to get their Pokemon. Some gamers use the term “steal” for this feature, however, it is not stealing, in fact, you are winning the Pokemon on the battlefield. Also, try Pokemon Theta Emerald as well, it is also a GBA ROM hack.

Unfold the Secrets:

It is another interesting feature of this game where you are able to unfold the secrets of the Kanto region. Many adventures, twists, and challenges make the gameplay more unique and interesting for you. Moreover, you will also face those challenges as well that are available in the FireRed version. 

Game Screenshots

Improved Interface:

Overall the interface and the gameplay of this updated version have been improvised by the developers. Updated graphics, beautifully designed areas, and top of all many new characters such as Sociopathic scientists, revenge-hungry nurses, corrupt Gym Leaders, and many others added it to the list of the most interesting Pokemon games.  

Some Rocket Edition Screenshots

Some Other Features:

  1. More than 150 different Pokemon creatures, including the original ones as well. 
  2. Enjoy generation VI style Mechanics
  3. Unfold the true story behind Red’s adventures
  4. Addition of plenty of quests.