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Basic Information:

Game NamePokemon Fire Red Version
Size5 MB

Pokemon Fire Red ROM is a remake of the most famous Pokemon Red and Blue versions and it was released back in 2004. And owing to its many unique features it became popular among people in a short span of time, and now, two decades after its release, people still love to play this one. 

About Pokemon Fire Red ROM:

The start of the game is pretty simple, you get information about the controls, game features, and some other essential things. I suggest you read the guide and then click on the next button, which appears just at the left corner of the screen. However, if you already know about it then press the skip button that is also available to save time. 

Just like the other Pokemon games this one is also the game, the first character you will see on the screen is professor Oak, who is doing research work on different Pokemon creatures and you are going to help him in his research. And in this game, you will explore the most famous Kanto region and here you will meet 151 different Pokemon creatures. 

Moreover, while exploring other regions you can capture a lot of other Pokemon creatures as well, there are a total of 386 different Pokemon creatures available in this version. You will also get three starter Pokemon named: Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle, and you have to select one from them. 

And with the help of starter Pokemon, you can catch a lot of other Pokemon creatures and those will help you fight with the Gym ledgers and other champions. Also, keep in mind that the battle system in this version is turn-based, so you both the players get equal chances to win. So, for every battle selection of Pokemon plays a vital role. 

Pokemon FireRed Game ScreenShot

Do Exploration:

The wide area of Kanto is available for you to explore. Your journey will start from Pallet Town, and soon you will move to many other places to complete the tasks assigned to you. You will go through baling cities, forests, and caves and also explore the hidden places there as well. All these hidden places unlock more challenges and you are able to capture rare Pokemon there. So, why wait? Just download this game and start playing on any device you like via the GBA emulator.  

Final Words:

Pokemon Fire Red ROM is one of the best Pokemon games because of its addictive gameplay, attractive colors, multiple Pokemon creatures, and plenty of features. I must say you should at least try this game once, I am sure you will like to play it more and more. Moreover, you can try other Pokemon games as well, such as Pokemon Black 2 ROM.