DeveloperGAME FREAK, Satoshi Tajiri, Junichi Masuda
GenreRole-Playing Strategy
PublisherNintendo, The Pokemon Company
LanguageMultilingual, English
RegionEurope, North America, Japan, Australia, USA
Size5.1 MB
Handheld Game ConsoleGame Boy Advance
Game ModesSingle, Multiplayer

Download Pokemon Feuerrote Edition ROM to enjoy this strategic role-playing Pokemon game on any operating system using emulator i.e. Visual Boy Advance, My Boy. This hack is all about becoming the best Pokemon trainer and Pokemon League Champion by defeating all other gym leaders and trainers in living in Kanto.


After defeating them you will become the most powerful trainer and you will be able to capture their Pokemon as well as their special abilities and moves.

Game Story

This Pokemon game journey begins from the region of Kanto. And as a player you are a Pokemon trainer who has to explore different cities, towns and forests to find the evil monsters and bring their morality back. You also have to evolve weak or untrained Pokemon which are not able to fight or control their power but has some special abilities.

You have to collect all eight gym badges by defeating gym leaders like Professor from Pewter City and Misty from the Cerulean City. Including them you also have to clear some quests and destroy Team Rocket to stop their mysteries activities.


You can also invite and join your friends and trade or transfer your Pokemon using Game Boy Advance Link Cable. So, Get ready to conquer your enemies completely in this astonishing game.

Installation Guide for Pokemon Feuerrote Edition ROM

  • Download the best emulator for your mobile or PC device. There are different emulators for iPhone, Android and Windows.
  • Download this Game Boy Advance ROM from the download button.
  • Load this .zip file into your emulator.
  • Start Playing! 🧑 🏭

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