Basic Information:

Game NamePokemon Emerald Rogue
Size16 MB
Hack of Emerald

Pokemon Emerald Rogue is a ROM Hack of the Pokemon Emerald version and just like the name you will experience pretty tricky situations and plenty of items, trainers, wild encounters, and many more. As it is based on the original version that is why you will see a pretty similar user interface.

About Pokemon Emerald Rogue ROM:

The game will start after the selection of the avatar, you have 4 different choices, Brendan, May, Red, and Leaf, select the one you like the most and click on continue. Moreover, you are also allowed to change the appearance, skin tone, and clothing style in it and the best thing is that you are allowed to change it later if you like. 

Pokemon Emerald Rogue ROM Image

After selecting the appearance next the steps are similar, such as entering the name, and answering some other basic questions that you experience in many other Pokemon games as well. You are allowed to pick the running shoes at the start, so it becomes easy to go to Professor Birch’s house and get your starter Pokemon. 

The three starter Pokemon are Delibird, which is a 2nd generation duel flying and ice-type Pokemon, Poochyena, which is a 3rd generation dark-type Pokemon, and Gastly, the first-generation ghost and poison-type Pokemon. Now it is up to you which one you like to select and start playing the game.

This game is pretty user-oriented, for example, most of the time users do not remember the name of their Pokemon creatures and want to decide the name by themselves. So, for such users, you get the option in this version. As you can see in the image as well, after selecting the Pokemon you can decide its nickname. I am sure you like this feature a lot.

Decide Pokemon Name


Features are pretty interesting in this version, you are allowed to choose your own routes, and there is no such restriction. And most importantly, Mega Evolution while fighting with the trainers is also available in this version. 

Also, if you are able to reach the secret room then you can change the post-game settings as well. However, to reach that area is not simple at all, you have to fight with legendary Pokemon and also participate in plenty of double battles. 

Some Game Screenshots

Pokeballs are pretty important, and no one can deny this fact. At the start, you will get 5 Pokeballs and for more, you have to explore the area. Also, never forget to collect the potion as well, which will help you in battles a lot. 

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Game Tutorial is also another interesting feature of this game, you will get information about every adventure before its starts, and this helps the user a lot. The trainer and the Pokemon you will encounter on this journey has completely changed, so you will experience pretty interesting gameplay here.