Pokemon Emerald Enhanced ROM Feature Image'

Basic Information:

Game NamePokemon Emerald Enhanced
Size19 MB
Hack Of Pokemon Emerald Version

Pokemon Emerald Enhanced ROM is a fantastic new addition to the Pokemon games. It is a ROM hack based on the most famous Pokemon Emerald version and this wonderful game is created by Ryuhouji. As a remake version, you are able to enjoy many additional features in it, such as 7 starter options, 6 different modes to play, random battles generator, and many more. 

About Pokemon Emerald Enhanced ROM:

In this version, you are able to capture 684 different Pokemon creatures, and to make the enjoyment even more the developer has added the Elite 4 rematch parties in it as well. So, start getting all these Pokemon and be ready for the battles. 

Another interesting feature is the addition of a custom jukebox, so now you will decide your own music system in it, which makes the gaming experience more enjoyable for you. Also, the developers keep adding new features in this version, so after some time you have to upgrade the version to enjoy new features. 

You will enjoy updated move sets, pretty nice graphics, HM Functions, and many other features in this version. To get the complete information about it, just go to the settings and there you get the complete manual guide, read it completely. Whenever a new feature is introduced in this version, that manual guide will get updated, so every time you are able to acquire the authentic information in it.

Some Game ScreenShots

Final Words:

Download Pokemon Emerald Enhanced ROM and enjoy this updated version with plenty of new features. You will explore the Hoenn region in it, which is full of adventure and excitement. So, don’t wait to download this Pokemon version and with the GBA emulator play it on PC. Moreover, you can also try other interesting Pokemon games as well, such as Pokemon Valor ROM.