Pokemon Dragonstone ROM

Download the latest hack file of Pokemon Dragonstone ROM which is built by the codebase of Pokemon Ruby and features many things and objects of the original version. This game is especially developed for the Game Boy Advance console but thanks to emulators you can play the game on any operating system.

There are different emulators for Android, iOS, and PC but the main thing I want you to know is that you do not need an old handheld console to play this amazing game.

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Basic Information:

VersionAlpha 1.63
Original GamePokemon Ruby
Release Year2012
Handheld Gaming ConsoleGame Boy Advance (GBA)
GenreRoleplaying – Adventure

Game Plot/Story

This game hack is also similar to other Pokemon games the difference is it is not a publication of Nintendo or Pokemon Company but this is a hack developed by a local game developer to make the game more awesome and enjoyable.

In this, you are a Pokemon trainer who is traveling in Kohto (A town towards the northern areas of Kanto). Your main objective is to fight with Magma and Aqua Teams including all other evil gym leaders and Pokemon trainers to save the world from being destroyed.

You also have to capture powerful Pokemon beneath the sky of the Opalian metropolis i.e. Rayquaza to train them and make them a volunteer for the community to bring positive change and safety for the citizens.

Pokemon Dragonstone ROM Features

  • New Maps with Stunning Graphical UI: This game is a custom-developed hack by the codebase of Pokemon Ruby. The developer has added many new maps or stages in the game including beautiful background images, different tiles with light and dark colors, and much more.
  • New Monster Characters: In this game, you will find tons of new Pokemon which are amazing and you love to start the game with these types of powerful Pokemon creatures.

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