Download Pokemon Dragon Ball Z Team Training ROM which is a mod of Pokemon Fire Red and a worthy fan-made game to play and enjoy your leisure time. In this game, you will experience Dragon Ball epicness due to the addition of Dragon Ball Z fighters instead of Pokemon.

Pokemon Dragon Ball Z Team Training ROM
CodebasePokemon Fire Red
GenreRole-Playing (RPG)
RegionWorldwide, USA
Handheld Gaming ConsoleNintendo Game Boy Advance
MD5 Hashb639ea8e5c0e0822f636a00a0b78a76a


The storyline is almost the same as fire red despite some alterations in scripts, dialogues, and characters. Now you have Dragon Ball Z characters in place of Pokemon creatures as the main characters of the game. Instead of Pikachu now you have Goku and other Dragon Ball Z heroes as your partner to help you fight against your enemies. There are also some additions and updations to make the game more interesting and exciting for Pokemon game lovers who want to play the same game but are bored with the old Pokemon characters and need a unique gaming experience. You can also download Rocket Edition of FireRed from here.


Dragon Ball Z Team Training ROM Old & New Features

Re-imagined Pokemon: 

Instead of traditional Pokemon, you’ll find Dragon Ball Z fighters. From Saiyans like Goku and Vegeta to villains like Frieza and Cell, these characters replace Pokemon in battles.

Custom Moves and Techniques: 

Moves from the DBZ universe, such as Kamehameha, Final Flash, and Special Beam Cannon, have been added.

New Sprites and Graphics: 

The graphics have been overhauled to fit the Dragon Ball Z theme. This includes character sprites, tiles, and even the battle interface.

Changed Locations: 

Many locations have DBZ-inspired names and are based on locations from the Dragon Ball universe.

Capsules Replace Pokeballs: 

Drawing from the Dragon Ball universe, Pokeballs are replaced with capsules. You use these to “capture” fighters.

Changed Story Elements: 

While the main storyline closely follows FireRed, there are elements and dialogues that are altered to fit the Dragon Ball theme.


In the Dragon Ball series, scouters are used to measure power levels. In this ROM hack, scouters replace the Pokedex.


Instead of evolving in the traditional Pokemon sense, many fighters have to be trained to reach a certain level to transform.

Custom Items: 

Some items from the Dragon Ball universe have been added, which you can use in battles or for other purposes.

Familiar Faces as Gym Leaders: 

Many of the gym leaders and elite four are characters from the DBZ universe, and you’ll have to defeat them in battles.

Different Dragon Balls: 

Dragon Balls can be collected throughout the game, although their exact purpose might differ from the Dragon Ball series.

Some Other Features:

  • More than 200 Dragon Ball Z characters to explore and catch in the region.
  • New Maps, fusions, Backgrounds, Dialogues, Moves, and items.
  • Around 170 new attacks from the Dragon Ball Z game.
  • The fighters can also perform some moves that Pokemon are able to do i.e. Headbutt move.
  • New locations include some new cities, islands, and buildings i.e. Ginger Town, and Babidi zone.
  • New background and fighting music tracks.
  • Fighters can evolve by gaining XP and increasing their level.
  • You need Fight beats Dark, Dark beats Ghost, and Psychic.

Dragon Ball Z Team Training Cheats

These cheat codes help you to enjoy some additional features in the game to win the game without having enough resources or going through all the protocols.

  • Walk Through Walls: 509197D3 542975F4
  • No Wild Encounters: D41DD0CA 33A629E5
  • One Hit Kill: 95EDFBBA A5A72A78
  • Poke Mart Items Cost 1: 3C25A344 FD8F451C
  • 100% Catch Rate: 87ACF659 707466DC
  • Unlimited Rare Candy: 820258400044
  • Unlimited Master Ball: 82025840 0001
  • Unlimited Healing Items: 82025840 YYYY