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Pokemon Dash Rom is a racing game with quite interesting gameplay. Contrary to other Pokémon games where players capture them and then fight with the other Pokémon characters, here the Pikachu runs on different terrain and completes the goals. It is a Nintendo DS game, having attractive graphics and an easily understandable layout.

Basic Info:

Game NamePokémon Dash
File Size36 MB
RegionsEurope, Japan, Korea
Supporting PlatfromsWindows, Mac, Android, IOS

About Pokémon Dash ROM:

Playing this game is pretty simple, all you have to do is control the Pokémon and pass it through different areas, such as the jungle, sandy areas, and other rough paths. In this game, the main goal of the player is to reach certain checkpoints as fast as possible. Moreover, your Pikachu is not the only one running in the game, there are five other Pokémon also there, which is why time action is essential to win. 

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Also, on your way from one checkpoint to the next, you have to dodge multiple hurdles and pass near deadly areas, such as the ocean, lava pits, swamps, ice fields, and others. Remember that when the Pokémon passes near the ocean, always keep a little distance unless it will drown, however, running over the swamps for a shorter span of time won’t do any harm at all. 

Pokemon Racing

Every time you pass any checkpoint, the number of remaining ones will appear on the screen, as you can see in the images next to this paragraph as well. I suggest you watch closely the pink arrow sign, which shows you the correct path to follow, believe in the arrow more than your instinct, if it shows you to take the right turn, do it immediately, else the Pokémon will be caught in trouble. 

Remember that while passing through the jungle and other muddy and rough areas, the speed of the Pokémon will be reduced, so to overcome this issue try to touch the pad, which will appear on the screen just after entering that particular rough area. Touch it, and the speed of the Pokémon will stabilize at some point. 

Game Settings


Multiple Different Locations:

It is the best feature of this game where players enjoy Pokémon racing in a lot of different locations, in which both the ground and air are included. Yes, you read it right, Pokémon also race in the air via balloons. However, on this Pokémon racing journey, you will see grasslands, lava pools, hilly rough paths, mazes, and many other locations. 

Green Fields Available for racing


Power-ups would not only boost the enjoyment but will also boost your enjoyment. These will help you to leave behind the opponent and reach the final destination in no time. The developers have added a lot of these in multiple different locations, all you have to do is find them. 

Different Modes:

Training Cup Mode: It is the first, easy, and very basic mode of this Pokémon Dash game. In this mode, players get to know all about the controls and the essential information of the game. Once the player completes this mode, he/she will be able to participate in any of the other modes. 

Grand Pix Mode: In this mode, you will compete with the other AI Pokémon players on different racing tracks. This mode is the second in the series of modes available to play in this Pokémon Dash game. 

GP Mode: It is a competition mode, where to win, players have to compete in five different cups, and in every cup, Pokémon have to run on five different tracks. Believe me, you would enjoy it a lot by participating in this mode of the game. 

Multiplayer Mode: As shown in the name, in this mode you will play with the real players of the game, or even your friends as well. Also, let me clear one thing to you, competing in the other mode might be easier, but in this mode, you will face tough competition.


Although you can play this game on any device you like, such as Android, IOS, Windows, and Mac, before that, you have to install the emulator. So, just click on the link and get them.

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