Pokemon Dark Violet ROM Image

Pokemon Dark Violet Rom is the hacked version of the original Pokemon Fire Red Version, which is also available on this website as well. The main reason behind the creation of this version is to remove all the issues that players have faced in the Fire Red Version, along with the addition of new features, which will surely increase the gameplay.

Note: To play this game first you have to install the GBA emulator. 

Basic Info:

Game NamePokemon Dark Violet
File Size6.34 MB
Hack ofSupporting Platforms
Supporting PlatfromsWindows, Mac, Android, IOS

About Pokemon Dark Violet Rom:

Most of the players believe that this game is one of the hidden gems in all Pokemon games because this game contains smooth controls, modern updated looks, deep plotting, impressive moves, more interesting music, and a lot of other things in that the Red Fire game is lacking. 

Honestly speaking, this article is not meant to criticize any version of the game, but the admiration of this Pokemon Dark Violet Rom. If you are also a lover of the Fire Red game, then I suggest you try it at least once; I am pretty sure you would love it. Moreover, just like the Fire Red version, you can also play in the most famous Kanto region as well. 

When you start playing this game, three characters will appear, red, blue, and green, you can select between red and green as your main character, and after the selection, the other two will become your enemy. At the initial stage, all of the players will get one Pokemon, and then it’s up to you how many you will get in your journey. 

Game Images

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Improved Graphical Elements:

Graphics quality has also been improved in this updated version of the Pokemon game, here you will experience HD resolutions, and new areas to explore, and on top of all, every area is designed with perfection. 

Availability of many Pokemon creatures:

In this version, you can play with 210 different Pokemon creatures, and all of them are modified so you will see new interesting looks. Moreover, the features of all these Pokemon are pretty unique, and somehow each and every one of them will help you to complete the missions, that is why I suggest you unlock every Pokemon in it and play with anyone you like or the one that provides you excellent results. 

Addition of New Movesets:

If you compare this version to the previous ones, then in this updated version, 115+ new moves have been added so far. Also, to provide a new adventure to the players, the difficulty level of this version is a little higher, but no need to worry, you won’t face difficult challenges at the initial levels, those will appear at higher levels. 

Improved Music Quality:

There are many levels in the previous version of this game where quite dull music plays in the background, but that issue is completely addressed in it. Here you will listen to pretty interesting music at all levels of the game. 

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Final Words:

Download Pokemon Dark Violet Rom from this page and explore the world of Pokemon. It is the most interesting version of this game where you will experience a lot of unique features which are not available in any other Pokemon game.