Pokemon Dark Rising (GBA) ROM Image

Pokemon Dark Rising Rom is a GBA game having a huge fan following, tens of thousands of playing are enjoying it because this game has unique gameplay, a lot of new features, multiple tools, numerous adventures, and on top of all many new places to explore. All these features make this Pokemon game a unique one. Here player’s main purpose is fighting the evil creatures and solving the mysteries.

Game NamePokemon Dark Rising
Game Size6.3 MB
LanguageUSA English Only
Supporting ConsoleGBA

About Pokemon Dark Rising Rom:

During solving any mission you come across numerous people and by helping them a lot of new paths will open for you, and every one contains new challenges. I suggest you always be brave and keep moving, you will always find a way out of all sorts of challenges. 

The storyline of the game is also pretty interesting, our main protagonist has a dream in which a Pokemon describe to him the current situation, the world where both humans and Pokemon are living side by side is in grave danger and only the purest of heart will be able to carry this world-saving mission and you are the chosen one. 

After waking up, he thought for a while about the dream and then for a time being completely forgets it when he knows about the climate disaster in the Core Regin, where he lives. And soon after that, he realized that was not the dream but the instructions for them. Also, when he just steps out of the house Professor Oak thoroughly describes the grave dangers of the situation, it seems like a calamity is just on the way. 

When the game will start first all the players decide their gender, male or female, and after that enter their name. You will also select another pure heart person as your partner in this game and soon after that the first challenge of defeating the Darugis will begin. 

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Availability of Dozens of Pokemon:

As a Pokemon trainer, it’s your duty to save the world and for this, you have to train your Pokemon and capture many others to build a robust team. All these Pokemon are different in nature, which is why you must have them all, currently, there are 350+ Pokemon available in this game from generation 1 to 5, including the legendary ones.  

Additional Moves:

Keep in mind that to get additional moves in all Pokemon characters you have to upgrade them. However, to understand the moves and the additional feature of any particular Pokemon, you first have to capture them, and then the whole description will appear on the screen. 

A lot of Challenges & Fights:

There are many events that take place in this game where you can participate in real-time battles. Moreover, you can also play with your friends or any other online players at these events. All these challenges provide you with additional points and unlock many new regions.

Other Features:

  1. Days and Night Changing System
  2. Completely New Environments. 
  3. Availability of Doctor Roy to heal the Pokemon.
  4. Presence of New Fakemons
  5. Intriguing Graphics
  6. Smooth Controls
  7. And many other features.

Final Words:

Pokemon Dark Rising Hack ROM is nothing but an interesting game for Pokemon lovers that provide a complete storyline, which is liked by many. Moreover, special moves, dragons, events, and other many features make the players hooked to the screen. So, if you are also a lover of Pokemon challenges and want to do fights with other Pokemon then you must download this Pokemon Dark Rising game.