Handheld Gaming ConsoleGame Boy Advance (GBA)
RegionWorldwide, USA, EU
GenreRole-Playing, Adventure
Release Year2015
Remake ofPokemon Fire Red
Size5.08 MB
Pokemon Series4th – 5th – 6th

Download the Pokemon Dark Rising Order Destroyed ROM hack to enjoy the pre-sequel of Pokemon Dark Rising 3 on any operating system with the help of the GBA Emulator. The recommended emulators for different devices are as follows:

  • For Android: MY BOY!
  • Windows: VisualBoyAdvance
  • iOS: GBA4iOS


let’s walk through the storyline of this amazing Pokemon game. This is a sequel to Dark Rising 3 but due to some reason Nintendo and the Pokemon company have not released Dark Rising three so this game is the final episode of the Pokemon Dark Rising series.

This game is designed in the Omni region and the player has many areas i.e. caves, towns, cities, and forests to explore and catch around 800 unique Pokemon from the last seven generations. In this game will go through step by step and you have to clear a stage before you move forward.


Compared to other Pokemon games the level of difficulty is high in this game and you have to fight with many powerful gym leaders and trainers from Elite Four and other destructive leagues to win the game and save the region from destruction. If you are interested in playing most of the time in forest view download Pokemon Frosty ROM.

Features of Pokemon Dark Rising Order Destroyed ROM

  • Pokemon from seven generations: This is the first game where you will see 800+ Pokemon creatures of different Pokemon series.
  • New Maps with User-Friendly Graphics: In the Omni region you will explore many beautiful and dangerous places.
  • Mega Evolution: This feature will help to evolve a weak Pokemon into a powerful one.
  • Powerful Enemies: You have to face many powerful enemies like Elite Four and different trainers with unique move sets and abilities.
  • Team Formation: In this game, you are able to form your team by adding different Pokemon in a single set.
  • Physical and Special Splits make the game more difficult and addictive.

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