Pokemon Dark Rising Kaizo ROM is a fan-made game with the help of the codebase of Pokemon Fire Red and part one of Pokemon Dark Rising with several differences in plot changes. Some new events are also added with the improved difficulty level. You can download and play this ROM hack with the help of a GBA Emulator required for your Operating System and device.


Some Recommended GBA Emulator are as follows:

  • My Boy: for Android
  • VisualBoyAdvance: for Windows
  • GBA4iOS: for iOS or MacBook
Hack ofPokemon FireRed
Handheld Gaming ConsoleGame Boy Advance (GBA)
GenreRole-Playing Adventure
RegionWorld, USA
Size6.32 MB

Pokemon Dark Rising Kaizo ROM Walkthrough

The story begins with your strange dream in which you see a Pokemon asking for help and wanting you to save his world. After waking up you are thinking about that dream suddenly your home bell rings and at the door, your best friend Kaz appears who also saw the same dream. He asks that Prof. Ivan wants to meet to explain the point behind the dream.


Kaz and you go to the professor’s lab and he tells you about upcoming climate changes and disasters in the Pokemon core region which can harm Pokemon and other innocent people in the Pokemon world. He also tells you about how evil organizations like Elite Four are using some powerful climate Pokemons for this dirty experiment to destroy the world and build their own world of bad guys. You can also download Pokemon Dark Realm ROM.


After you decide to protect the Pokemon world you will get your starter Pokemon to fight and explore different Pokemon locations to catch some new Pokemon which will help you against fighting with Gym leaders and evil teams.

You have to fill your Pokedex with legendary and Pokemon with different abilities to make the best team against the evil organizations as the difficulty level of this game is very high compared to other Pokemon Dark Rising parts. You can also use cheats to unlock different skill levels without purchasing them from the Pokemon store. Also, check out the latest ROM Pokemon Fusion Origins.


  • New items and skills
  • Stunning game designs with an astonishing graphical user interface.
  • Additional moves like Roost, Scald, and Shadow Claw.
  • New areas to explore with hidden enemies.
  • Nurse Joy & Doctor Roy at all Pokemon centers to help you and your Pokemon mediate fastly.
  • 386 Pokemon from Johto, Kanto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, & Unova region.
  • Gym leaders with signature Pokemon are very dangerous and difficult to beat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pokemon Dark Rising a ROM hack?
Yes, this is a fan-made game and the full series is the development of DarkRisingGirl with the help of the codebase of Pokemon Fire Red and Emerald Kaizo Versions.
Why is it called Kaizo?
Kaizo is a Japanese word and its verbal meaning is reorganizing and restructuring. And this game is a modified/mod version of Fire Red so it is called Kaoizo.