Pokemon Dark Rising 2 Game Image

Basic Information:

Game NamePokemon Dark Rising 2
Size6.11 MB

Pokemon Dark Rising 2 ROM is another interesting fan-based hack version created by “DarkRisingGirl” and if you have played and liked its previous version Pokemon Dark Rising then I am sure you will enjoy this one as well. It is a ROM hack of the most famous Pokemon FireRed version, which means you will experience a significant modification in the gameplay and the storyline of the game. 

About Pokemon Dark Rising 2 ROM:

One interesting feature of this version is the addition of a new place called Omni Region, where you participate in a lot of battles and become the champion. At the start of the game, you will receive a letter from Professor Mercury and she will welcome you to start the Pokemon adventure as well as provide you with information about the upcoming challenges. 

I suggest you when you start playing the game select the ‘Text Speed’ fast, because it’s too slow, and also decide the frame type. Contrary to other games the graphics seem pretty nice, your house is just at the brink of a river, so it provides a very nice view.  

This updated version we are offering contains 400+ different Pokemon creatures, including the first five generation games. So, now with these Pokemon, you can easily build a strong team. Moreover, there are plenty of other features, such as Mega Evolution, 4, 5, and 6 generation moves, and an excellent soundtrack also available.

Also, with the GBA (Game Boy Advance) emulator, you can download this on any platform, so all you have to do is install it on your PC, Android phone, or any other device you like and enjoy playing. Remember that you will face plenty of rivals, challenges, and different characters in this version, so be ready for it.   

Final Words:

Download Pokemon Dark Rising 2 ROM and start enjoying this FireRed Version hack. This one unlocks more opportunities for enjoyment for you and, as I have explained in the article as well, you get to know about a new storyline in it. Also, checkout Pokemon Jupiter ROM to enjoy the same storyline.