Pokemon Dark Energy ROM Image

Basic Information:

Game NamePokemon Dark Energy
Size824 KB
Version5.01 Beta
Hack OfSilver

Download Pokemon Dark Energy ROM from here and enjoy it on your PC without paying any cost because it is totally free. It is a ROM Hack of the Pokemon Silver version and was created by miksy91.

Moreover, we offer you the latest version of this game which was last updated in 2019. With a unique storyline, a lot of mysteries to solve, sidequests, and many other features, this game is a pretty interesting one, which is way just like the original versions this one is also liked by many gamers. 

About Pokemon Dark Energy ROM:

What really makes this game a unique one is the availability of a completely new world named Suden where you face unique challenges, and come to know about a lot of new areas. Another good feature is that all the areas of this version are open to everybody, which means without any sort of restriction you are able to visit any place you like. 

Some game Screenshots

Your biggest enemy on this version is Team Darkness and you will face their goons in a lot of places. Just like the name of this bad organization their members also show up wearing black dresses and white gloves. You have to be aware of this organization and try your level best to avoid them most of the time because at the initial level, you won’t have enough resources to fight back. 

This game depicts the time of 1571 when the war ended a thousand years ago and now people are living in peace, however, things then started to get strange again. Here you come to know about a character Maxime who will start exploring the magical orbs again, and now it is up to find the real reason behind it. 

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Final Words:

Download the ROM file of Pokemon Dark Energy which is quite a unique game to play. It will run via a GBC emulator, so if you don’t have one on your PC then download it now. Only then are you able to play this game. Moreover, there is no need to be a pro-Pokemon gaming player to understand this version, the gameplay is pretty simple, just follow the command/instructions and do it accordingly.