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Pokemon Crystal ROM is another interesting version of this fabulous Pokemon game that contains new places to explore, a lot more different Pokemon creatures, and multiple missions to solve. You can also play this version on your Android phone or any other device by using the GBC emulator, as this game is based on the Gameboy Color (GBC) Console.  

Game NamePokemon Crystal Version
Size1 MB
LanguageUSA English Only

Pokemon Crystal ROM Introduction:

If you are a player of Pokemon games then you must know that every such game asks some question about your character and name, however, in this Pokemon Crystal version along with these questions you also have to provide some other details as well, such as gender specification, enter the current time, specify the day, and answer some other question and then the game is ready to play. 

As a Pokemon trainer, you will explore the Johto region in this game. Moreover, here you will experience the best graphics quality, complete storyline, and numerous different characters which will increase your interest in it. So, start the game by collecting the Poke gears because these are essential if you want to be the best Pokemon trainer. 

Moreover, you must visit the Pokemon lab where Professor ELM will guide you about further steps. The professor is conducting research on a new Pokemon and he wants you to take that Pokemon for training and keep visiting the lab after some specific time duration, so the professor gets to know everything about that Pokemon. And this is how you will get your 1st Pokemon character and the actual game will start. 

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Updated Version:

The version I am providing on this website is the updated and completely working ROM file, so with just one click, you get it on your device. Another interesting thing about this version is that along with the Johto region, you will also get access to the most famous Kanto region as well. 

Complete the Missions:

To win here you have to fight with the gym leader as well that are currently 8  in number. Remember that these leaders have the most updated Pokemon creatures and a lot of gear, so you must be focused and train your Pokemon creatures to the maximum level possible. 

Explore New Places:

It is a pretty interesting feature of this game where to get the badges you explore a lot of places where some areas are quite bright and have a lot of greenery, while on the other hand, there are many dark caves and deep tunnels also exist, which portray a quite horror vibe. 

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Solve the Mysteries:

Johto region contains a lot of mysteries and multiple hidden places where you find new Pokemon creatures and advanced level gears that will help you to win the fights with other trainers.

Must remember the Pokemon creatures available in those regions are quite rare and appear after taking quite a time, so if you find any new creature, try your best to capture it. 

Final Words:

Pokemon Crystal ROM is quite an interesting game with multiple features and a complete storyline. It is also pretty simple to understand and play, even beginners can also understand it quite well because of the instructions available. Moreover, I have also explained this game in this article, hope you like it. And if you have any questions then mention them in the comment section, and our team will respond to you in no time.