Download Pokemon Crystal Clear ROM which is an open-world ROM hack of the original Pokemon Crystal game and is now available to play online and offline using a GBC Emulator. You can use My OldBoy or BGB Emulator to enjoy this fan-made game on your desired device.

pokemon crystal clear rom
Developer & PublisherShockSlayer
GenreRole-Playing (RPG)
RegionWorld, USA
Handheld Gaming ConsoleGameCube
File Size4 MB

Pokemon Crystal Clear ROM Walkthrough

If you have already played Pokemon Crystal the storyline is not new for you. You have to customize your character, select your name and gender, and right after that, select your starter Pokemon from a bunch of old and new Pokemon creatures and start exploring the region of Kanto or Johto (selection of region is your choice but you have to explore both).

In this game, you have to fight with 16 Gyms to collect their badges and have to explore the complete region to capture around 251 Pokemon. There are some new challengers for you in Elite Four to be prepared for them and focus on filling your Pokedex with powerful and legendary Pokemon first. Fight with other Pokemon trainers to gain XP and get their Pokemon.

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Gameplay Screenshots

Pokemon Crystal Clear Cheats

  • Pokemon Modifier: 01YY04D2 Change YY with your required Pokemon code.
  • Encounter Shiny Pokemon: 910730D2
  • Transform Regular Pokemon Into a Shiny One: 01EA3FDA
  • Rare Candies: 0120B8D5 912093D8
  • Master Balls: 0101B8D5 910193D8
  • Healing Items: 01YYB8D5 91YY93D8
  • Level Modifier: 91YY13D2
  • Unlimited EXP: 014432DA
  • Gender Modifier
    • Male: 010419D1 910430D2
    • Female: 010519D1 910530D2
  • Twisted Spoon: 0160B8D5 91YY93D8

Game Features

  • 24 starters Pokemon and 251 to capture from the Gen1 Pokemon series.
  • Stadium 2 compatibility.
  • Pokemon Palette and character customization are available.
  • You can rechallenge Gyms to learn from your mistakes and get extra rewards by knocking their Pokemon out fast.
  • New Maps and move tutors i.e. move tutor, Future move tutor, Event move tutor.
  • Chaining and Footprint system.
  • The Pokedex interface is more fascinating now.
  • You can also buy a house in the game at any place you want.