Developed byGenius Sonority
Published byNintendo
Released in JapanNovember 2003
Released in North America, Europe, AustraliaMarch 2004
Handheld Game ConsoleNintendo GameCube
LanguageEnglish (USA)
Size456 MB

Get ready for a duel against Team Coding in the desert region of Orreto. Find and purify Shadow Pokemon to convert them back and use them in battles against your enemies. Pokemon Colosseum ROM is a roleplaying game specially developed for the Nintendo GameCube and loved by millions of people. With the help of rom or zip file you can play this game online or offline on your desktop, PC, iOS, Android, MacBook, and iPad using emulators like Dolphin.

Amazing Storyline of Pokemon Colosseum ROM

Pokemon Colosseum features both single-player and multiplayer modes. In the single-player mode, players control the protagonist, Wes, former member of Team Snagem, with his assistant Rui and navigate to the various locations in the region of Orre. The gameplay centers around capturing and purifying Shadow Pokemon, which are corrupted versions of regular Pokemon.

To capture Shadow Pokemon from other trainers, players use a device called the Snag Machine. Once captured, the player can purify Shadow Pokemon by battling with him and building a strong bond with him.

Players can also battle with their Pokemon against other trainers and gym leaders to gain experience and level up their Pokemon. The game features a turn-based battle system similar to other main series of Pokemon games, in which players can use different moves and abilities to defeat their opponents.

Players can also participate in various side activities, such as collecting Battle CDs and battling in the Battle Mode. Multiplayer mode allows players to battle with their family and friends using their own Pokemon and teams.

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Features in this High-Quality Game

  • Music: You can mix different tracks, upload your favorite songs, and can add different instrumental effects to the background music of the game.
  • Graphics: You will enjoy the amazing user interface, different immersive locations with some real time 3D objects in the gameplay of this Pokemon game.
  • Tournaments: You can battle in different modes and also participate in championships and different leagues to collect the rewards and increase their experience points which will give you more power and help you in capturing more Pokemons and defeating them.
  • Different Game Modes: There are three types of game modes available in the game, Story Mode, Battle Mode, and Multiplayer Mode each with different features and winning rewards.
  • Purchases: In this game, you can also purchase different items from the Pokemon Store using Pokemon’s currency i.e. Snag Machine, Pok√© Ball, Reviver Seeds, X-Items, Elixir, Rare Candy, Battle CDs, Master Balls, Purification Chamber Simultaneously as you level up your Pokemon.

Frequently Asked Question

How many Pokemon are in Colosseum?

There are a total of 131 different Pokemon available in Pokemon Colosseum.

How many Shadow Pokemon are in the game?

There are a total of 48 Shadow Pokemon in the game which need to be purified and converted back to regular Pokemon.

How to play Pokemon Colosseum on PC?

For playing Pokemon games on operating systems other than its handheld game console you need an emulator and ROM file. For playing this game on pc the best emulator is Dolphin. Download the emulator and ROM file and start your Pokemon journey.