Pokemon Cloud White ROM is a fan-made Pokemon game built with the codebase of Pokemon Fire Red. You can play this fabulous game on any operating system using the respective GBA Emulator. The recommended GBA emulators are My Boy!, VisualBoyAdvance, and GBA4iOS for Android, Windows, and iOS respectively.

Hack ofPokemon Fire Red
ConsoleGame Boy Advance
RegionUSA, World
Release Year2016
GenreRole-Playing, Adventure
Size17 MB

Pokemon Cloud White Storyline

The story, styles, design, items, Pokemon, and background is the same as Pokemon Fire Red the difference is you have to face different popular Mega Evolution challenges after you cross certain levels. You can also use different cheats in this hack to get different equipment and powers to catch powerful Pokemon. you can also download Pokemon Sors ROM which has almost the same storyline.


This game has almost 75 hours of gameplay. You have to explore new areas of this open world including Johto, Mangan, and Azur to explore and catch different Pokemon and fill your Pokedex. You have to face different environments, rivals, and evil organizations after the Sevii and Kanto safari zones.

Get ready for the Pokemon World tournament to become the Pokemon champion after beating 8 gym leaders 7 samurai fighters and other rivals at different stages. Also, check Pokemon Dragonstone ROM.


Pokemon Cloud White ROM Features

  • New sprites with BW repel System.
  • Now you can customize your buildings and main menu.
  • New Rivals, Inverse Battles Scenarios.
  • Some new evolutionary stones are also introduced.
  • Exp Catch System, Day and Night cycle, and weather system.
  • PokeMarts with new additional items, Egg Market, and Black Market.
  • New travel system through ferries and busses.
  • Pokecenter to evolve Pokemon.
  • Around 540 Pokemon to discover from generations 1 to 6.
  • Legendary Pokemon are also available when you cross a certain level depending upon your game difficulty level.
  • New Pokeball colors
  • Immersing Graphical User Interface