Pokemon Brown ROM Feature Image

Basic Information:

Game NamePokemon Brown Version

Pokemon Brown Version is the ROM hack of the Pokemon Red version and the developer has modified it to provide you the best gaming experience. Initially, the game was released in the Black and white version, however, with the latest update the developer “Koolboyman” has added all the colors in it which make it a pretty attractive one. 

About Pokemon Brown ROM:

Before the start of the game you have to do all the settings of it, here you can switch on or off the battle animation, and increase the text speed like many other options that are also available in a lot of other Pokemon games. After doing all of this next the Pokemon Tutor will appear on the screen, who most likely seems like an old man. The tutor’s name is Timothy and you can even call him “Tim” and he is the one who will guide you through the game completely. Also, if you need help at any point you are allowed to visit his place which is the Gravel Town. 

The game will start in the Land of Rijon, remember that this area is full of Pokemon created, so to be the best you have to start catching them in the initial levels. The developers have improved a lot of features in this version, such as your protagonist can easily run and jump to cross the fences, and you can capture over 200 Pokemon creatures of which 73 are completely new while 151 are the same as you can see in the Kanto region as well. Moreover, you are also able to visit a lot of new places like Seashore City, forests of dry trees, etc. 

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Final Words:

Download Pokemon Brown ROM and on your journey to Gravel Town, where your home is located, you will meet a lot of new characters, participate in multiple Pokemon battles, and do the evolution of your Pokemon creatures. Also, to play this game on your PC or any other device you need to download the GBC emulator, try to download the latest version, so you enjoy the best experience.