Pokemon Bronze 2 Image

Just like most of the other Pokemon ROM hacks, this game is also one of them. As you know Pokemon Bronze 2 is not an official Pokemon game but simply a Hack of the “Crystal Version” which was created by “Freako” and the last time it was updated in 2020. While not officially recognized by Nintendo, this ROM hack has gathered a massive following due to its fascinating storyline, fresh gameplay elements, and creative features that set it apart. Also, check out the latest version of Pokemon Blue Kaizo ROM.

Pokemon Bronze 2 ROM Gameplay:

In Pokemon Bronze 2, players dive into a rich gaming experience, reminiscent of the classic Pokemon games while adding several novel twists.

Battle System: 

Pokemon battles remain at the game’s heart. Trainers face off in intense turn-based combats, leveraging type advantages and utilizing a Pokemon’s unique move set to claim victory.

Dynamic Day-Night Cycle: 

Time plays a pivotal role. Certain Pokemon emerge only at specific times, pushing trainers to strategize their hunting.

Updated Gym Challenges: 

No longer are gym battles mere one-on-one encounters. Gyms now feature puzzles, and trainers often battle double or even triple.


This ROM is jam-packed with features that enhance its replayability and charm.

Extensive Pokedex: 

The game includes over 500 Pokemon from various generations, giving trainers a wide array of choices for team-building.


Trainers can now personalize their character extensively, from clothing to hairstyles. This allows players to immerse themselves more deeply into the game world.

Side Quests: 

Beyond the main storyline, numerous side quests dot the landscape, offering rewards, uncovering hidden lore, and introducing unique Pokemon.

Multiplayer Capabilities: 

Players can battle and trade with friends, adding a competitive and cooperative layer to the experience.


Pokemon Bronze 2 transports players to the enigmatic Lustra region. A land rife with myths, Lustra’s history intertwines deeply with the legendary Pokemon Celestara, believed to maintain the balance between day and night.

As a budding Pokemon trainer, you begin your adventure in the quaint town of Dawnshade. All seems well until the nefarious Team Eclipse emerges, hell-bent on seizing Celestara’s power to plunge the world into perpetual darkness.

The stakes rise when your childhood friend, now a Team Eclipse commander, crosses your path, adding layers of personal conflict to your journey. Through dense forests, atop snowy peaks, and across vast seas, you must thwart Team Eclipse, and unravel the mystery.

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